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What To Expect After Losing Blood

Updated on June 24, 2014

And So It Begins..

Back in '07, I had a terrible accident. I was eleven at the time, and I was out in the country at my great-grandmother's cottage. After playing outside, I ran back to the front of the house, which was enclosed in a glass covered indoor porch. I grabbed the front door handle, slid on the wet mud, and regained balance against the window.

A moment that felt like forever hit me. As I regained my balance I pushed against the glass and went tumbling through. It had shattered and my wrist went straight down on a jagged piece of glass. I began losing blood immediately as it poured down my arm. I instantly went into shock and thought I wouldn't be alive much longer. The sight of all the blood made me sick.

We called the ambulance, and as they rushed over our neighbor came by and tied an tourniquet on my arm. I was rushed to the hospital but made it in time to undergo surgery. After all was said and done, I lost 30% of my blood.

What It Feels Like After Losing a Lot of Blood

After I woke up from the anesthesia, it was already the next day. I looked around puzzled and in disbelief. I didn't remember much from the day before. I tried to sit up and a nurse came in to help me. She asked if I wanted to walk down the hallway for ice cream.
As soon as I stood up I felt unbelievable. Whether it was the drugs or shock, I felt amazing. My body was tingly, and light. I had slight pain in my wrist where I previously ripped it open, but otherwise I felt good. The hospital socks I was wearing felt like little beads on my feet. I could tell it was going to take a while to recover, because I could literally feel the blood I lost.

My Recovery

The next two weeks I had to stay in bed and try not to move much. I was told my blood would reproduce over time and that I just had to be patient. Every time I stood up I would get light-headed immediately, and I barely had an appetite. I went to school and showed off my wound, told my whole class an epic story that was completely exaggerated, and felt like the boss. If I could live through that, nothing could stop me.
After the two weeks, I was fine. I could run and function just like everybody else. I'm still numb in an area of my hand because I severed:

  • My main artery in my wrist
  • 2 tendons
  • Many veins

It was a scary experience that made me appreciate life. I hope this story has eased your mind about a "what-if" accident, or at the least, entertained you.


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