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What To Expect Very Early In Pregnancy

Updated on December 13, 2012

So... you now know you're pregnant. Or, if you think you MAY be, check out this link...

Most likely, you're around six weeks pregnant. (This is a common time for women to find out.) Are the signs that you're feeling normal? Probably, yes.

Some common symptoms to have very early in pregnancy include...

Breast Growth - Although it may seem to be a bit early, it is entirely possible to have grown a cup size by this point. It is nowhere near the growth you will experience once you start breastfeeding, though.

Nipple Tingling - You may feel like your nipples are shooting out shards of glass, which kind of puts a damper on the whole having bigger boobs things.

Breast Tenderness - Once again, your breasts may feel like they are very sore to the touch, much like they would while you were on your menstrual cycle.

Morning Sickness - This is very common in the early stage, and fret not... it should taper off when you reach the second trimester. If it doesn't, you may want to talk to your OB. You could have a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. Check out my article on this...

Food Aversion - Don't wig out if what used to be your favorite food can now make you run to the nearest bathroom just by smelling it. Before I became pregnant, I looooved mashed potatoes. Now, to this day, I can't even look at them.

Heartburn - I had never had heartburn in my LIFE until I became pregnant, and I'm pretty sure I had it everyday of my pregnancy. While this is very uncomfortable, don't worry about it being harmful. It is perfectly normal. Take some Tums. The extra calcium is beneficial for you and baby, anyway.

Other - As always, everyone is different and no one's body will react exactly the same to becoming pregnant. Find out how I knew I was pregnant here...


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