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10 ways How Drinking Coconut Water Every Day Promotes Good Eating Habits

Updated on July 28, 2020

Coconut is full of wonders and the bonus is its water, having 200 ml – 1000 ml of water in it equivalent to around 4 cups. It is sweet and tasty and is extracted from the green coconuts only.

But it's not just it's wonderfully unique taste that makes it so special.

Coconut water has loads of nutrients in it like anti-oxidants, vitamins, iron, calcium, manganese and several enzymes. It acts like an anti-aging remedy, fighting cancer and keeping our immunity strong. The items in the water fights off several diseases for us.

Try it yourself, make organic and only fresh coconut water a part of your diet, mix it in smoothies too. The benefits of this tasty treat are as follows:

1. Reduces Headaches

Headaches can occur due to a lot of different reasons. Stress, High Blood Pressure, Electrolyte imbalance, just to name a few causes. One of the more common causes, however, is de-hydration.

In such instances, coconut water has been shown to contain magnesium, providing us enough electrolytes to prevent headaches and insomnia.

2. Regulates Blood Sugar

This sweet drink has a lot of fibers and amino acids in it improving our blood circulation and keeping our sugar level maintained. Coconut water lowers level of glucose in our body saving us from oxidation stress.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Due to the presence of vitamin C and potassium, it helps reduce stress and lessen the concentration of sodium in our body. A journal published from West India in 2004 proved that this water actually relieves us of stress.

4. Perfect for Re-hydrating after a Workout

Coconut water is like an energy packet for us maintaining the water level in our body after fluid loses and vomiting. This organic drink boosts our energy level and has very low carbs in it for diet conscious people. We should drink this after certain exercises that can cure indigestion and reflux.

5. Diuretic

Coconut water can help cure kidney diseases and remove kidney stones too due to the presence of potassium in it. It makes our urine flow more. But don’t use this water if you have kidney disorder or surplus potassium in your body.

6. Healthy Heart

This water is purely organic and free of cholesterol making it useful for our heart. It lowers the density of lipoprotein and increases HDL cholesterol curing any heart related issues in our body.

A journal states that coconut water lowers the density of bad cholesterols and triglycerides that removes any signs of clotting in our veins making our blood flow normal. This water is full of anti-oxidants saving us from heartaches and strokes.

7. Weight Loss

Best for diet conscious people as it has no calories in it. This water is full of biologically active enzymes that helps in digestion and improves our metabolic system.

It has potassium in it maintaining sodium in our body. Coconut water helps flush toxins helping us lose weight at an astounding level. Be sure to take it regularly but in balanced concentrations.

8. Soothing a Hangover

Let's face it. Most of us have had to deal with a hangover after having a bit too much to drink at a club or a friend's house party. It's one of the worst feelings imaginable.

Having excess alcohol can make us dehydrated, thus leading to a hangover.

However, that can be avoided using coconut water.

So the next time you have a hangover, make a nice smoothie with some tropical coconut water, 2 ripe mangoes, 2 mints, ½ glass of ice and 3 table spoons of lemon juice. That should do the trick.

9. Anti-aging Properties

This water acts like an anti-aging potion too. Having proteins like cytokines in it that remove early aging cells from our body. Mix coconut water with the proper ingredients making a home-made remedy for our skin.

10. Lowers Stomach Acidity

Coconut water has also been shown to be quite effective in curing stomach acidity. It lowers the acidic build-up in our digestive system from all the junk food we consume. It also balances pH, relieving us from mental fatigue.

Some Precautions to Remember

Although Coconut water does have a ton of health benefits, that's not to say there aren't any cases where it could have negative affects on your health.

As such, it is advised that you avoid adding coconut water to your diet under the following circumstances:

  • Don’t use if you are allergic to nuts.
  • Don’t use if you have kidney disorders.
  • Don’t use before and after surgery for about 2 weeks.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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