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What Will You Face When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

Updated on August 18, 2013

Taking That First Step Towards Sobriety

For all those that have had an addiction to alcohol for years, there comes a time in our life when we say, "enough is enough and I need to get sober." Once we have gotten out of the denial we have been living in, and have made our mind up that we want to be clean and sober, the next thing that will cross our minds is, "what will you face when you stop drinking alcohol?"

There are so many things one may face when they stop drinking alcohol ,and for myself, I will tell you exactly what I faced when I quit drinking, and still face these things everyday of my life being sober.

One Day And One Step At A Time


Things You And I will Face

Once you have taking that first step towards sobriety you will have mixed emotions of whether you can stay sober and make your sobriety long term as well.

Here are things I faced when I decided to get sober and face them to this day:

  • I prayed that I would be able to not only get sober, but to stay sober for the rest of my life.
  • I wondered would I ever be able to attend a birthday, wedding, picnic, ball game or anything that may have alcohol being served.
  • Will I have to leave behind my drinking buddies and never hang out with them again?
  • Would I be embarrassed telling my family and friends that I am an alcoholic?
  • Would I be able to live my life without the crutch I have been carrying around with me for years?
  • Would I be able to keep myself busy enough each day to keep my mind off alcohol?
  • You will be very nervous and may not know what to do with yourself. I always had a can of beer in my hands and now I have nothing.

These are some of things I faced when I stopped drinking and still face today. Some of these things may be what you face, and then again, you may have totally different things you will face when you take that first step towards sobriety.

At any rate, you will experience something when you stop your addiction to alcohol because you and I were so used to having alcohol in our life, and now being sober you feel as if you have lost something dear to you, and that is your addiction to alcohol.

Even though you lost alcohol in your life, you have gained so much more. Your family life will improve greatly as my did. Relationships and addictions don't go well with each other, especially when you drink alcohol and your partner, or spouse does not drink. That was one huge problem in my marriage, and I bet it is a huge problem in many marriages, sad to say, but so true.

You will have a greater bond with your children if you have children. They will respect you for what you have done by stopping drinking alcohol.

If you ever stopped an addiction in your life, what did you face in the beginning and still face each day?

See results

The Good Things You Will Face Being Sober

Here are some positive things you and I will face while we are on our road to recovery:

  • You and I will start to have quality time with our families and friends, instead of having our addiction before all else.
  • We will Never wake up in the morning again with a massive hangover.
  • We will be able to come and go as we please without a worry in the world.
  • We will be able to get in our cars and drive wherever we wish without worrying about being pulled over and given a ticket for a DUI, or getting into an accident.
  • You will wake up refreshed and not feeling like total crap from drinking the night before.
  • You will save tons of money that you won't be spending on alcohol like you did through the years.
  • You will be able to spend that money on your spouse and children instead of alcohol.

My Wife And I Enjoying A Day At The Marina

We All Will Face Urges And Temptations

From the beginning of our sobriety will will all face challenges to stay sober.

  • You need to stay strong and determined to stay sober.
  • Believe and love yourself enough to stay sober for the rest of your life.
  • Whatever you face in life being sober, don't let it drive you to drink again.
  • You can work out anything, and you can do it sober.
  • You don't need alcohol to have fun in life.
  • You home life will improve beyond your dreams.
  • Take that first step towards a new life, and get sober.
  • Your health will improve so much.
  • Your appearance will improve, and you will no longer look tired and wore out.
  • No more hangovers ever.
  • No worries about drinking and driving, because you won't be drinking.

Facing The Urge To Drink Alcohol

Once sober, you and I will have urges and temptations to drink alcohol. We will face many things in our sober life that may make us want to drink alcohol, but we need to be strong and say NO I will not touch a drop of alcohol.

Alcohol, as we all know will never fix a thing in our life, in fact, alcohol make things 100% worse than they really are. I am sure we have all experienced this one time or more in our drinking days, and with our love of alcohol.

See Things Such As This With Sober Eyes.


Here Is Where My Wife And I Sit All The Time Now And I See Life With Sober Eyes


© 2013 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      gmv Oh sorry, no I didn't recognize that. Just a miss understanding on my part. Sorry about that .

    • gmv profile image

      Jeff Vickery 4 years ago from Somewhere, Arkansas

      Dude I'm trolling you. It's actually a country song. I figured you would recognize it.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Matt - Thanks so much for reading and your comment Matt. I just thought these pointers would help people realize that there will be some rough points in sobriety.

      Take care my friend !

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      gmv- Sorry for all your losses. I can relate. Why are you so bitter to me? I know a lot and what alcohol can do to a family that's for sure.

    • matt_elmore profile image

      matt_elmore 4 years ago from San Diego

      Great hub. As you pointed out, there's A LOT of new thoughts and feelings that are going to come up when the decision is made to quit. Thank you for helping to prepare those making these first brave steps.

    • gmv profile image

      Jeff Vickery 4 years ago from Somewhere, Arkansas

      Hey man if you don't how it is to lose your job, your family and everything you have ever lived for, then you don't know Jack.