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What Women Need to Know about Abortion

Updated on July 6, 2017

Abortion is defined as termination of pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus before it matures to survive outside the uterus. If an abortion occurs spontaneously, it is referred to as a miscarriage. When done on purpose, it is referred to as induced abortion. Since old times, abortions have been conducted by use of sharp tools, herbal medicine, or by means of other traditional ways. Modern methods have adopted the use of surgery and medication to perform abortions.

Many women suffer due to the problems caused by unsafe abortion, but the problem can be remedied by policy transformations, educating women and girls and looking at social and economic factors. The purpose of this paper is to enlighten the women of the problems associated with unsafe abortion and the possible suggestion that can be put in place to solve the problems.

A quarter of the world's women population lives in countries where abortion laws are highly prohibitive, mostly in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Research also shows that in every 7 minutes, one woman dies as a result of illegal and unsafe abortion (WHO, 2007). Statistics show that one third of pregnancies globally are unplanned. Those who undergo unsafe and illegal abortion are those who are poor and have limited access to facilities offering education for family planning. Moreover, making abortion legal reduces cases of mortality. Approximately half of pregnancies occurring on an annual basis are unwanted, and almost a half of the women end up terminating the pregnancies (World Health Organization, 2007).

Common complications associated with unsafe abortion include; sepsis, cervical tears, retained tissues of pregnancy in the uterus, uterine perforation, severe bleeding, bowel and bladder damage (Kelly, 2014). Theses complications can cause maternal death if neglected. Death can also be as a result of acute renal failure. 0Abortion can also lead to permanent disability or stroke. Sever infection can also happen in the womb which can eventually cause pelvic inflammatory disease, or tube-ovarian abscess which may lead to ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

Several cases of abortion require medical attention, though many patients delay or choose not to go for medical care. It is understood that this can be owed to the fact that many women live in countries where abortion is banned and seeking medical help in hospitals can lead to arrest and prosecution. Generally, when abortion is performed by qualified medical personnel, it becomes safe. An example is the US where mortality rate related to abortion is almost zero, thanks to the abortion laws put in place (Singh, 2006). There are several ways that can be applied to reduce causes and consequences of unsafe abortion to women and their families. Abortion is considered as a major public health concern by the World Health Organization WHO. Although disturbing, there can be solutions to the problem. Preventing unwanted pregnancies should be one goal of a country. Educating women and the girl child should be made a priority for any country


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    • Rachelle Williams profile image

      Rachelle Williams 

      15 months ago from Tempe, AZ

      I agree that educating women and girls should be made a priority for every country, just as former U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama says "The measure of any society is how it treats its women." I believe women and girls are treated supremely when they are educated. Nice article!


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