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What You Need To Know About Prescription Safety Glasses

Updated on September 16, 2009

If you’ve been considering getting prescription safety glasses but haven’t made the move yet, this article will eliminate any hesitations you might have had. Not only will you realize that safety glasses are of critical importance to protect your vision, but that you don’t have to resort to those big, bulky, ugly looking things you might be thinking of. In fact, you might even realize that having a pair could be a real advantage in day to day life should you temporarily be without your street glasses.

The loss of eyesight is one of the worst kinds of industrial accidents, or accident of any kind for that matter, that could happen to someone. Fortunately, today’s safety glasses are stronger, lighter and more fashionable than ever before. While ‘fashion’ may not seem to have a place when it comes to safety, if someone is reluctant to put safety glasses on because of how ridiculous they look, fashion starts to take on more importance. Blending good looks with super strong, light and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, safety glasses have come a long way.

One of the other obstacles to getting people to wear safety glasses was that many people need prescription corrective glasses. In the past, such situations required either huge safety goggles to go over the glasses, or… many people just figured their own glasses were good enough. They’re not.

Fortunately, you can now get prescription safety glasses, eliminating the need for those ridiculous and hot goggles. At the same time, you don’t give up the full protection offered by goggles as most prescription safety glasses come with protection fully wrapping around the sides of the eyes as well as the front. In addition, many of today’s safety glasses also have a UV coating for additional protection against those damaging ultra violet rays from the sun.

One more benefit to having today’s modern prescription safety glasses, in addition to all the protection you gain, is that in a pinch they can be used as a back up pair of regular, every day street glasses. Many people are at a total loss when they happen to misplace or accidentally break their eye glasses. Having a pair of prescription safety glasses is nice insurance against finding yourself in a real bind.

And speaking of insurance, if the kind of work you do requires safety glasses and your employer doesn’t pick up the cost of them for you, keep the receipt. You should be able to write the expense off on your taxes.

Now that you see the versatility provided by prescription safety glasses, you really have no reason not to get yourself a pair. You’ll not only protect your eyes from airborne particles, chemicals, damaging UV light or whatever, but you’ll also have the security of a back-up pair of street glasses, should the need present itself. The only thing left for you to do now is to go find yourself a cool looking pair of prescription safety glasses for yourself!


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