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What You Need To Know About The Cap 40-Pound Dumbbells With Carrying Case

Updated on May 26, 2012

Barbells have been around quite a long time. They are some of the simplest forms of fitness equipment that you can have in your home gyms. There are many different types of barbells that you can get online, and there may not be much of a difference. However, those people who have tried using Cap Barbells have nothing but good things to say. Cap Barbell has been producing barbells for over 50 years and is the leader in innovation, quality, and durability of every barbell they sell.


When you search for, and compare barbell sets you will know that for the, value and quality, nothing beats the Cap Barbell 40 pound dumbbell set. The plates that you receive with them are made of the highest quality materials. They are priced right for starters in fitness or those searching for additional portable weights. This Cap Barbell set comes with a two standard barbell handles, four butterfly/star locks that hold the weight in place. It also comes with four 5 pound weights, four 2.5 pound weights, and a durable carrying case to place them all. So, instead of paying hundreds for all the pieces individually you get them all in one complete set.

Adjustable Type

The biggest advantage of the cap barbell 40 pound weight set is that it is adjustable to the weights that you want. Each of the barbells can be adjusted up to a total of 20 pounds. You can purchase additional weights for the set at a small additional cost. Once you want to change the weights it is as simple as removing the clip, remove the weight s and add the desired amount back. Once it is back on then simple replace the clip, and you are ready for another set of repetitions. Some people find that changing the weights on and off the handle quite a nuisance. Are probably better off with the expensive cast iron weights that are also available.


This is also a great cap barbell set for those that like to travel. If, you travel for any length of time having the ability of carrying your weights with you will help keep you in shape while you are on the road. This set features a nice carrying case where everything fits smoothly together. The case come s in plastic or a hard metal for a small additional cost. Each of the cases is durable, and can take quite a beating before they show signs of wear.


These adjustable barbells from Cap are very affordable for new people getting into fitness or the experienced fitness guru. Cap has designed these barbells to appeals to the widest majority based on quality, innovation and price.

All it takes is to remember that you do need to swap the plates during the reps that you are doing. Once you have completed swapping the plates you should start your next rep. Once you have added enough weights you can actually purchase a few more weights of higher class that will work well with this adjustable set. So, you know you will always be strength training and toning those muscles every day.


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