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Tips For Buying Prescription Eyeglasses

Updated on September 18, 2020
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Because Lens Quality = Visual Clarity Because Good Fit = Good Fashion Because People See Your Face First.

Frame selection should start with careful analysis of your eyeglass prescription with consideration of your face shape, skin tone, hair coloring and lifestyle needs.
Frame selection should start with careful analysis of your eyeglass prescription with consideration of your face shape, skin tone, hair coloring and lifestyle needs. | Source

It’s no secret that the economy is not great and we can’t help but wonder if it ever will be again. Prices are up, quality is down. Clothing that lasts more than a season, shoes with leather soles or appliances that last more than a few years are all becoming things of the past. It’s upsetting to think that our landfills are over flowing with products with an ever decreasing life span.

With an uncertain economy in our future, we are all cutting back and being a savvy shopper is usually worn as a badge of honor. Product and price comparisons have become routine for almost every purchase we make. With the wealth of information available on the internet, we can approach almost any purchase more confident in our decision making. For some items, the comparison is easy and clear cut, but for other purchases the process can be overwhelming. One of which is purchasing eyeglasses.

When faced with a prescription change, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds today is…is it necessary?

A licensed optician, with an established reputation for honesty and up to date on the ever changing technology in the optical field would be able to give you an informed, straightforward answer. Should you decide to purchase new glasses, they will also be able to explain all the advantages and disadvantages of the many different lenses, lenses materials and coatings available and how they will work with your prescription with the frame that you select.

Here's just a just few things to consider when purchasing prescription eyeglasses:

Have you tried on your desired frame?

Do you know if this frame is good for your prescription and does it fit you correctly?

Does it flatter you?

Frame selection is very personal but it is also a science where an experienced licensed optician can help you select a frame style that compliments your looks and optimizes your prescription. Face shape, hair color and skin tone all need to be considered.

Some more things to think about...

Frame Tips:

Try today’s popular cat-eye shape for a flattering face lift affect. A rectangular frame adds contours to a full face. A frame that is continuous will mask the wrinkles and rings that appear with age. Tortoise is always classic, black is always chic, and complimentary colors will noticeably brighten your look. It is important to work with someone who is knowledgeable on all of these frame fitting tricks. This process is time consuming and very individualized, since every face and every prescription is totally unique to you.

Technical Considerations:

Who is taking your measurements for PD and the fitting of your progressive lenses?

What is the quality of the lenses you will be receiving? The quality of the lenses will determine how clearly and comfortably you will see. There are hundreds available. Poor quality lenses may pass manufacturing standards, but they will provide poor vision. Your lenses once put in your frame may pass inspection (ANSI Standards), but there is a difference between wearing lenses that are within tolerance and those made to the exact specifications of your prescription and personal measurements. Exact measurements and specific selection of lens variables (such as lens type, base curve, and edge thickness) are important for the most attractive looking lenses and the clearest vision.

Who is going to fit and adjust your glasses on a regular basis? What if you need any adjustments or repairs in the future?

For most people, new glasses are usually purchased yearly and worn daily. It is the most noticeable accessory that you will buy and the one that you will get the most use from. With the right help, you will have selected the perfect pair of glasses that you will feel great about every day you wear them.


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