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What Your Body Shape Says About Your Health

Updated on August 18, 2017
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If you are a fashion enthusiast, you’ll agree that a trimmed waistline is a reflection of a woman's true beauty. In fact, many fashion-conscious women the world over spend endless hours just trying to attain the Marilyn Monroe hourglass shape. But beyond the beauty scope, the waist line can also be a pointer to your well being.

A past research by World Health Organization established that women with a waist-to-hip ratio exceeding 0.85 were at risks of suffering from illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure and heart related ailments. For this reason, we explore the links between the size of your waist line and your health.

Overview of your waist area.

Your waist, obviously, is the section of your body that lies between your rib cage and your hips. You'll agree that your waist, then, forms part of your abdomen. For individuals with a medium to slim torsos, the waist is the narrowest part of their trunk.

Waist line and body shapes.
Ladies' body shapes fall into two categories:
Pear-shaped bodies
For women with this kind of body shape, most of the body fat appear in the hip and thigh regions. This eases pressure on the waist and abdomen area making such women to be at a lower risk of the illnesses pointed out earlier.

Apple-shaped’ body lines.
This shape is less common in women. Mostly, the body fat is accumulated around the waist area.
How your Waistline Impacts your Health.
Excessive fat deposits around the waist area exerts excessive pressure on the waist region, which houses the spinal nerves, affecting the functioning of the brain stem and the spinal cord in general. As a result, women who have a bulked up waistline are prone to health complications such as the type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.

The waist area harbors the intra-abdominal adipose content basically known as the visceral fat. Multiple researches have shown that visceral fat strokes insulin resistance in the body thus increasing the chances of individuals developing diabetes and ultimately, high blood pressure.

Tips to Trimming your Waistline so as to Keep your Heart Healthy.
Body Mass Index, BMI, is a ratio between your trunks height and living weight. If your BMI ratio is over 24, then you need shed off some weight for a healthier body. The first step to attaining a healthy weight, definitely, is to know the measurement of your waist line.
Here are the steps to measure your waistline;
1. Raise your shirt or blouse to the bottom of your rib cage area.
2. Wrap a well labeled tape measure around the area between your rib cage and your hips- which is basically your hip area.
3. You should breathe out before taking the measurement to ensure your body is in its natural state. Medical practitioners recommend that if your waist measures over 31 in , then you should strive to shed off some weight.

5 Tips to Help you Shed off the Pounds.
Eat Healthy diet
Eating a healthy diet entails ascribing to a diet regimen that doesn’t only help you make your body better but one which you can also live with.

Some of the dietary changes you should observe include taking at least 20 ounces of water on daily basis. This should vary with your body weight. You should also minimize consumption of starchy carbs such as potatoes, pasta and rice which are mostly converted to fat.

Fruits and vegetables should feature prominently in your diets as they furnish the body with necessary nutrients and energy.

Indulge in moderate physical exercises
Indulging in physical exercises on a consistent basis helps burn extras calories. Physical activities also make the mind sharper and the heart healthier as blood flows freely.

Visit the gym for strength training
Strength training helps work out the cardio and the deep seated ab muscles that may not be work on through the normal physical exercise sessions.
Strength training also helps build the muscles. It’s worthy to note that individuals with more muscles burn more calories in every activity they indulge.

Minimize consumption of alcoholic drinks.
We all have our cup of luxurious drinks. There are those who treasure a glass of wine as part of their dinner. There are those who only take a frozen drink on weekends. Still, there are those who are never fazed with beers.

If you feature in the first two categories, it’s important to note that whenever you take a sip of your favorite beer strain, it’s broken down into fat and acetate. The fat is deposited mostly around the tummy area and the waist region. That’s why you should cut on alcohol intake once you opt to shed some weight so as to remain fit.

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Final word
Keeping your weight in check doesn't only help remain attractive but also healthy. In a word, when it comes to your health, your waistline matters.


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