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What Your Dreams Might Be Telling You

Updated on March 15, 2016

Your dreams can mean many things and can also be very hard to decode. In this article we will be exploring some of the possibilities your dreams could mean.

These are just suggestions of what your dreams could be telling you so don't worry if you have had most of these dreams, they may not always apply.

1. Falling

When you experience dreams where you are falling it often indicates that your subconscious is telling you don't fell in control of a situation in your life. This could be work, relationships, or something else.

If you enjoy the feeling of falling in your dreams in often means you are not afraid of changes in your life.

2. Teeth Falling Out

This dream could have different meanings and is one that is regularly argued. Your teeth falling out could indicate that you feel less confident than you once did. Teeth are known as a symbol of confidence meaning if you loose them you are losing confidence.

Another theory is that if a women is having this dream they want to get pregnant and if a male has this dream it means he has a desire for sexual stimulation.

3. Being Chased

Being chased in a dream suggests that you are running away from something in your conscious life that is causing you fear and making you anxious.

This dream could show that you have a tendancy to run away from a particular situation.

4. Can't Find a Toilet

If you are unable to find a toilet in your dreams it could mean you are finding it hard to express your needs in certain situations. It could indicate your needs aren't being met because you always put others first.

You may feel that you don't have enough time to deal with your own personal issues and need some privacy.

5. Being Naked in Public

Being naked in your dreams could mean you are feeling vulnerable or anxious. It could also indicate you are unable to find yourself, uncertain about yourself or wrongly accused about something.

If you are not the naked person in the dream it could show that you are worried about exposing that person (e.g. a secret)

6. Failing at Tests

These dreams can be so realistic you wake up feeling like you have just failed a test. These dreams could mean you feel a lack of confidence to get to the next phase in your life. This dream usually relates to your working life.

7. Flying

Having problems flying in your dreams shows that someone or something is stopping you from moving to the next phase in your life.

Being afraid to fly could indicate you might be having problems keeping up with your high set goals.

8. Being Pregnant

This dream could show that you want to start a creative project or even the desire to get pregnant. It could also mean you have a new idea that you are excited about and wish to pursue.

Hopefully this has made you think again about what your dreams might be meaning. Your unconscious mind is very complicated and could be telling you about your real self.


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