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What are Light & Sound or Mind Machines?

Updated on July 10, 2012

What are They?

This visually striking device, most commonly witnessed in use as a pair of glasses with flickering light and headphones that are attached to a small control box, approximately 6 x 3 inches, has incredible capabilities that are often passed over due to lack of understanding.

Portable Light & Sound machines (sometimes referred to as mind machines) were developed in the mid 90's through combined efforts of leading researchers in the field of neurotechnology, and a variety of related fields. The machines are small bio computers that are able to walk the brain through brainwave frequencies.

The machine uses pulses of light, and sound tones delivered through the glasses and headphones to direct the user to the Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwave states. The human brain specializes in processing particular types of information best at particular mega hertz measured in the brain.

Light & Sound machines have a number of programs built into them that stimulate the brainwave activity by way of the light and tone pulses. The beats and pulses help to build or restore neuropathways that lead to; Relaxation, Learning, Change, Exploration, and Energizing. Since the brain performs certain tasks better in at some brainwave frequencies than others, certain programs within the machine that target particular frequencies are better when applied to tasks that are optimal within that frequency. For example: the brain produces the best neurochemistry for healing the body when in the Theta brainwave state, so if you find yourself fighting and illness, using a program with a fair amount of Theta will be very beneficial toward speedy healing.

There is enormous potential uses packaged in these little devices.

Understanding Brainwave Frequency

Some common uses for Light & Sound.

Neurochemistry dictates the general state of wellness of the human body. If our brains get thrown off track, or do not have a proper pathway developed by which to get all of the neurochemistry we desire, our bodies begin to experience imbalanced health and mental issues as a result. We can also experience limitations in our abilities if we are unable to access ideal neuropathways for desired tasks.

Since Light & Sound technology serves as an alternative way to gain access to neurochemistry that we may have been lacking, and or establish new neuronet to obtain the mind states we desire, it is a very effective tool in a variety of areas of self improvement and wellness.

Such as:

  • Restoring or creating healthy sleep patterns
  • Personal meditation and consciousness exploration
  • Accelerated Healing, and immunity boost
  • Pain Management
  • Athletic performance
  • Learning Acceleration
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Emotional Balance
  • Stress Reduction
  • Habit Change
  • Regeneration of Energy
  • and much more

Understanding as much as possible about how each of the 4 brainwave states relates to the many aspects of human wellness allows one to choose the best possible programs to target issues of distress or limitation.

The practical benefits of Light & Sound Machines?

The benefits of using these handy little mind stimulator's is enormous.

  • A natural alternative, no need to metabolize chemical substances in order to achieve desired states of consciousness.
  • They can be used anywhere anytime privately or publicly, this makes the convenience level of these machines very high. They are small and easy to take on trips, use at home, on vacation, or even in the workplace.
  • In our fast paced society these machines offer a quicker alternative to achieving desired states of controlled meditative thought that can otherwise often take substantial time and practice to develop.
  • The machines have the capacity to be used on an indidvidual basis or in group setting.
  • The time investment is minimal. To set up a regular self improvement practice with your machine, the amount of time that your program takes is the investment.
  • The space needed for use is minimal. If you have a chair, bed, or even just an area of ground to sit comfortably for an average of 30 minutes, you have enough space to use a Light and Sound machine.

In short Light & Sound machines are incredibly convenient for use, fast, quick, safe and versatile in comparison to the alternatives like meditation, hypnosis, drugs, and mental fitness centers.

Learning More

Light & Sound machines have incredible capability, and understanding that capability well can only come from a great deal of knowledge about the product and experience. Though the machines can be found for purchase on the Internet it is best to find a local distributor to purchase one from. A local seller will most often have the experience and knowledge that is helpful in learning to explore all of the vast capabilities of your machine, having a relationship with a local expert can also provide a source of support in case you reach a plateau with your machine or run into any trouble.

Light & Sound is a complimentary technology to many wellness professionals, and can often be found sold as and alternative tool by many wellness professionals like hypnotists, psychologists, massage therapists, and more.

It is recommended to check around locally to find a distributor, and to find out more about the machines before purchasing.

What Do You know About Light & Sound Technology?

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