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What are Polarized Lenses?

Updated on December 29, 2012

Polarized Glass and Plastics

Both glass and some plastics can be polarized, this means that the certain types of light rays can be reduced or even blocked. While looking through a polarized material, the wearer can see clearly without having to worry about glare coming off of surfaces around them.

Optical lenses are the most popular polarized item on the market today but how do they polarize glasses? To polarize a pair of eye glasses a specially designed thin film is added to the lens before the eye wear is assembled. The process for adding the film and the thickness of it is based on the overall quality and target market for those particular items. Cheaper or less expensive glasses typically have a thin layer of this film on the outside surface of the lenses. While the more expensive and higher quality glasses have a layer that is pressed in between two layers of glass. By doing this, the film is protected from being scratched or wearing away.


3-D and Polarization

3-D, or 3 dimension, movies have been hitting it big in the cinemas and now even in stores. These are made possible by polarization and the advances that have been made with technology. By polarizing the movie both vertically and horizontally you get an image that to the naked eye looks distorted however, when wearing a pair of special eye glasses the image becomes 3 dimensional. The glasses are also polarized. One lens is polarized vertically while the other lens is polarized horizontally. The result is that one eye will an image, the other will see an image, though the images are slightly different when looking at it with both eyes your mind creates the 3-D effect.

Uses for polarized glasses

For any outdoor sportsman the right type of sunglasses is key to success. Whether they are golfing, fishing, biking or just out boating glare can ruin a shot or cause serious harm. Wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses can reduce or eliminate the bright glares off the surface of water, metals or any shiny surface.

Drivers also benefit from polarized or glare resistant glasses. As many people know driving during hot summer months can be difficult when the angle of the sun gets just right. With the waves of sunlight hitting the hot surface of the roads and off of other vehicles sudden blinding glares can cause someone to easily lose control of their car. By wearing polarized sunglasses you can avoid the dangers of driving with no eye protection.


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