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What are Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Updated on August 24, 2009

What to do when you have STD's?

Chill out, don’t panic if you have STD or don’t get depressed. Depression and Anxiety cannot help, you have to go to the doctor to get some medicine to help you ease out with the symptoms and be very careful next time. Before that, you should know some STD facts.

What is STD?

STD or sexually transmitted diseases are caused by viruses or bacterias that are transmitted through exchanged of body fluids through sexual activities, blood transfusions or sharing of needles during drug abuse.

STD’s caused by bacteria are curable and can be easily treated with some prescribed medicine for 2 weeks. Symptoms includes itchiness, burning sensation when urinating, appearance of yeasts, smelly fish-like odor, bleeding during sex, redness of the private area. Gonorrhea, Clamydia and syphilis belong to this group. Symptoms can be felt as early as 3rd day from infected contact but some people claimed no symptoms. Get tested for these diseases and get immediate prescription and consultation because it can result to other serious diseases like infertility.

STD’s caused by virus are non-curable but treatable. They are caused by virus and they re-occur and cannot be cured. The symptoms maybe similar to STD’s that are caused by bacteria but these viruses can attack and damage the immune system and spread easily inside the body. The symptoms may reoccur but through drug maintenance they are reduced up to undetectable. HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis C belongs to this group.

What to do when you have STD?

Simply follow these steps for your benefits and the benefits of your partners.

- Get tested for STD. Don’t drink her say drugs because it wont help you. Don’t be shy to the doctors, they wont condemn you. That is their job – to cure and help people. Upon consultation you have to be honest with your doctor so he would know how to help you.

- Drink the medicine prescribed. You must take the doctor’s prescriptions religiously and his advices seriously. Doctors know best for our health, so listen or less you could loose your life or others lives. Some people result to suicide when they found out they have STD’s, some rape other people.

- Contact all your existing or ex-partners for the past 6 months to get tested for STD infections. Don’t embarrassed about it, they would even be thankful coz you might save their lives.

- Be safe – use protective condoms if you are a swinger or sexually active. Refrain from oral sex, STD’s can also develop in the throat. Think safe and be safe. Be responsible with your actions because it is your health that is at stake.


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