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What are The Reasons Why People Use Alcohol

Updated on March 21, 2019

The Reasons Why People End Up Being Alcoholic

Sometimes I always ask my friends who are alcoholic how they found themselves using alcohol in their lives, some of them even they really don't know why they are in that situation while others try to explain more things that even you can't understand. Now from my observations that I have done for a while now, I will be giving in details why some people are alcoholic. The following are some of the reasons I noticed:

  1. Stress- Some people when they are stressed they decide to use alcohol inoder to relief their stress. They believe that when they drink they do away with stress because at that time their minds are not working normally. Now when they continue using it of sometimes they get used to it hence leading to addiction, at this state it becomes hard to get rid of alcohol making them to be alcoholic.
  2. Peer preasure- Friends or people around you who are alcoholic can influence you to start using alcohol. This can happen when you find that they are having more fun when they are drunk so you get influenced and decide to try and see for yourself, now this way may lead you to alcoholism.
  3. Availability or accessibility of alcohol- Some people started drinking alcohol just because alcohol is readily available in their area. For this reason someone just decides to drink because it is easily available to them hence leading to alcoholism.
  4. Family history- Some people they just started drinking because their family members are drunkards too. This also can happen that someone inherits the habit of drinking since the history of the family is full of drunkards may be. These genes then gets inherited to future generations making them to drink too.
  5. Fun- Some people believe that when they get drunk they have more fun than when they are sober, or when they see their friends who drink have fun when they are drunk they get that psyche of trying it out and have it too. Therefore with this reason you find them actively engaging in alcoholism leading them to becoming addictive.
  6. Curiosity- Some people just started drinking because of their curiosity, they may think that alcohol is sweet and they love to taste and have that feeling for themselves. Especially young people at adolescent stage they are curious to know hot it tastes. Now after tasting they find themselves using it regularly and this way they become alcoholic.
  7. Loneliness- When some people are alone or isolated from friends and families, they always think that when they drink alcohol they will not be able feel that state of loneliness. Now when the situation continues that means that they will continue using alcohol to avoid such like a state hence leading them to addiction. Here they just find that they are used to alcohol to the extend that they can't do away with.
  8. Mental and health disorders- There are some health disorders that might lead someone in alcoholism, such mental and health disorders is like depression. When someone is depressed they always think that the best solution to their problems is by drinking not knowing that when they drink they will end up in worse situations such addictions. When that situation of depression continues it means they will still drink over and over and this way they will end up being alcoholic.
  9. Preference- Some people just started drinking because they liked the smell and taste of alcohol. Actually I had a fiend of mine who was telling me that what makes him to drink is because of how it tastes to him. Therefore there are those people who started drinking because of that taste hence becoming alcoholic
  10. Transitions - Some people think that those people who drink are digital, they now develop that mentality then those people that drink are better off than those that don't drink. Now for this reason they end up transforming to digital as they call it from analog. For this reason you find yourself full engaged in drinking that there is no way you can avoid it.

Now in conclusion, its true that most of the people who started drinking had their own personal reasons some of them that I have highlighted in my article above. Therefore all required boards such as the government and non governmental organizations to restore the lives of people who are addicted to alcoholism, now this way many will come to their senses and they will try to do away with drinking.


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