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The Top 10 Essential Oils Every Home Should Have.

Updated on November 30, 2018
ChristinS profile image

Christin is a natural health and wellness advocate with 20 years' of experience studying and working in the health and supplement industry.

Top Essential Oils

the top essential oils you should have on hand
the top essential oils you should have on hand | Source

Are you looking for ways to live greener? Eager to move away from potentially toxic chemicals and towards more natural alternatives around your home? From ointments to personal care products and cleaners, many commercial products are loaded with harsh chemicals and additives that trigger allergies, asthma, and other health problems.

Essential oils are an all-natural alternative that can be used safely for a variety of applications.

I use essential oils daily for aromatherapy, homemade cleaning products, soap and balms. I have so many favorites, it is hard to narrow down the best essentials, here are my top 10 essentials I certainly can't live without.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree, also known as Melaleuca oil, has a broad range of antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. Use it topically on small wounds and in homemade spray cleaners as a natural disinfecting agent. In the winter months, it can be inhaled to relieve sinus congestion. It has a pungent, medicinal scent that is similar to Camphor.

Tea tree is an excellent addition to salves and balms. I mix it with Comfrey salve to help speed healing. Use it on stings, bites, scrapes, minor burns and skin irritations.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus is especially useful for upper respiratory ailments like colds, allergies, and bronchitis. Combine it with a carrier oil and rub it into the chest to loosen and release congestion.

If you've ever used products like “Vicks” rub, you've smelled the pungent aroma of Eucalyptus. Add a couple of drops to a hot bath to make coughs more productive.

Eucalyptus is also a natural antibacterial and insect repellant. It can kill germs in the air as well as on surfaces. In addition, it is used to treat muscle pain, mental fatigue, and to heal wounds. You'll find it in many natural kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes because it fights germs that cause gum disease.


Lavender Essential Oil

Most people are familiar with the scent of lavender. It's widely used in products that promote relaxation and it's excellent for all skin types. Lavender is effective on minor burns and scrapes due to its natural anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. It can be used in the bath or in personal care products as a way to soothe skin and relieve stress simultaneously.

Carry a bottle of lavender with you if you are facing a stressful day at work. A quick inhalation can help calm nerves and promote a sense of well-being.

Use it in homemade laundry products as well. Sachets of Lavender buds with a bit of essential oil make clothes smell wonderful without the addition of chemical fabric softeners and dryer sheets.


Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is a physical and mental stimulant you can use in the bath or in a diffuser. It also has antibacterial properties that make it excellent in homemade cleaning products. I add it to my homemade all-purpose cleaner because the scent is invigorating and clean.

Rosemary has warming properties that make it especially useful in massage oils for those with arthritis. Add a few drops of it to your favorite carrier oil and rub into aching joints and muscles after a long day.

Rosemary is often used in shampoos because it thickens the hair and promotes growth by stimulating blood flow and clarifying the scalp.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geraniums floral scent is uplifting and brightens the mood while also working as a mild sedative to calm and relax the nerves. Geranium oil works well for circulatory disorders and can treat bruising, broken capillaries and relieve fluid retention.

Diffuse it into the air or create room sprays to give your home a wonderful natural fragrance. You can also add a few drops directly to the bath to intensify relaxation.

Geranium stimulates circulation just below the surface of the skin. It is used in beauty creams to help even out skin tone and to reduce the appearance of blemishes and other skin imperfections. It also speeds up the healing of wounds, making it ideal for acne treatment.

Some sources also suggest it is a bit of a natural aphrodisiac and may make women more amorous, so perhaps add some to an oil warmer in the bedroom to set the mood or add it to massage oil for a special treat.


Citrus Essential Oils

Take your pick of lemon, orange or bergamot. Citrus oils are all great for clearing the mind and improving mental function. They also are natural disinfectants that can be added to any homemade cleaning products. Their anti-microbial properties destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The scent is light and delicate and fades fairly quickly so your cleaners won't “overwhelm” your home. Citrus oils blend well with many other oils and can be used to provide a synergistic effect and to tame the more potent scents of other oils.

I love cleaning with a blend of clary sage and bergamot oil. The scent is delicate, crisp and clean and very uplifting. I make men's shaving soaps with the same blend of oils and they are well received by both men and women.

Citrus oils are also used in massage to promote deep circulation and improve tissue oxygenation. When used in skin care products, citrus oils help with cell turnover, brighten the skin and help reduce blemishes.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint tea is used to soothe digestive upsets like heartburn and nausea. The oil is good to carry when traveling because it can soothe motion sickness. A few drops added to water or tea can provide quick relief to stomach issues.

Peppermint is also a natural stimulant that clears the mind and elevates the mood. It can sharpen mental focus when inhaled right before taking an exam. Used on the body, it is also an effective insect repellant.

Menthol, present in abundance in peppermint oil is a natural expectorant that is effective for treating asthma and other respiratory ailments.

It is also an excellent addition to shampoos and lotions because it benefits all skin types. It is clarifying, stimulates circulation and gives a cooling sensation. Use it in the summer months to rejuvenate and cool the skin.

Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme is very potent and needs to be handled with care, however it is a powerful antiviral, antiseptic, antibiotic and diuretic. Use it in a room diffuser to help prevent the spread of colds and flu. It can kill germs in the air and on surfaces, making it a great addition to natural cleansers when you want to prevent the spread of illnesses.

It supports elimination of toxins from the body, in particular uric acid which contributes to gout, sciatica and arthritis. Thyme stimulates circulation, digestion and nervous system responses and is used to enhance and support the entire metabolic system. It should be avoided during pregnancy.

Thyme oil is also used to prevent hair loss.


Clove Essential Oil

Clove has a potent, spicy scent that mixes so nicely with citrus oils. It is warming and uplifting. Its health benefits are amazing. Clove oil effectively kills many types of bacteria and is useful for preventing food poisoning. Clove can also be used to treat fungal conditions such as athlete's foot. Clove increases blood flow and is an ingredient in many natural pain relieving balms due to its ability to fight inflammation.

Clove oil can be used as a natural germicidal in homemade cleaning products. It can also be used to treat a toothache until you can make an appointment with the dentist. If you lose a filling or have an abscess, soak a cotton ball with a bit of clove oil and bite down on it, ensuring the oil gets to the affected gums and painful areas. It is a natural pain reliever that also fights infection.

One of the best ways to rid your home of toxins is to throw out commercial cleansers. Many of them are loaded with carcinogens and have been definitively linked to breast cancer and other diseases. Some of the worst offenders are "deodorizing" products.

Essential oils can be pricey in stores and I typically purchase online from Amazon or eBay.

Don't let the high prices of oils put you off. It only takes a few drops of oil to make an entire spray bottle of cleaner. Oils are highly concentrated so a tiny bit goes a very long way. For best results store your oils in glass amber bottles out of direct sunlight. An ounce of essential oil can last up to a year depending on how often you choose to use it.

Natural Cleaner Recipes

Basic Cleaner
½ cup white vinegar, water, several drops of grapefruit seed extract, and 5-10 drops essential oil(s) of your choice. The GSE acts as a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral that is safe for pets and kids. It can even be used on Cutting Boards and in areas where food is handled.
Glass Cleaner
½ cup white vinegar, water, 1 Tbsp corn starch, 10-12 drops Rosemary, Lavender or Citrus essential oil (or blend as you like) Mix all in a spray bottle, shaking thoroughly before each use.
Wood Polish
Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (lemon is great) to a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Mix thoroughly and apply to a soft, white lint-free cloth. Use it to wipe down furniture, baseboards, and stair rails.

What's Your Favorite Essential Oil?

Do you have a favorite essential oil you just can't live without? What is it and how do you use it?

Do you use Essential Oils?

See results


The Aromatherapy Bible

NCBI Study on Effects of Geranium EO

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Revised and Expanded

© 2013 Christin Sander


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    • ChristinS profile imageAUTHOR

      Christin Sander 

      2 years ago from Midwest

      Very true Freda, I also have extensive experience with oils and I have encountered a lot of fake oils - particularly ordering online it's important to go with companies one trusts.

    • profile image

      Freda martinez 

      2 years ago

      I studied essential oil and there's so much information available a person can't just take an oil and use it.You should study the oil ,where it's from , who the the company is that possessed it and so much more .Otherwise your just throwing your money away and the knowledge too.. I think there is something like 300 or more oils and only a very few can be used on a person and not directly. In other words study it throughly first and know what your doing before using...... Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and the history of essential oils would amaze you. A person would not run out of books or classes they could take. It's basically endless what you can learn. I still don't know what all there is to know and some really knowledgeable people are in the UK and India. Thanks for letting me comment. Freda

    • ChristinS profile imageAUTHOR

      Christin Sander 

      3 years ago from Midwest

      Thanks annasmom be very careful what companies you order from as there are a lot of fake "essential oils" out there. If you are just getting started, you may want to talk with someone who has experience using them :)

    • annasmom profile image


      3 years ago

      I just ordered my first nine essential oils and am excited to learn about their use. Thank you for this article...I like the laundry idea!

    • ChristinS profile imageAUTHOR

      Christin Sander 

      3 years ago from Midwest

      Thanks for the read and suggestions Kelsey. I definitely love sachets and such in drawers, chests and closets - :)

    • Kelsey Farrell profile image

      Kelsey Elise Farrell 

      3 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Great suggestions, I use peppermint oil along the outer barriers of the front doors and windows to keep spiders from wandering in. Lavender is one of my all time favorites, however, and is so soothing with just a couple of drops on your pillow. Also, if you dab it on a stocking and ball it up, it makes a great addition to old chests filled with blankets to keep them from getting musty.

    • RTalloni profile image


      5 years ago from the short journey

      A great list of helpful essential oils posted here. Some of these can easily be grown at home and I'm looking forward to a rosemary, thyme, and lavender harvest this year. Thanks too for the recipes!

    • ChristinS profile imageAUTHOR

      Christin Sander 

      5 years ago from Midwest

      Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments. There are so many great essential oils and it's great that more people are developing an interest in them and using them as natural alternatives in so many applications!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great Hub. I use many different essential oils, most often, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Lemongrass. I use Tea Tree for everything from cuts and scrapes to cleaning. I use Lavender for relaxation mostly, in the bath, in an oil warmer next to my bed, a dab or two on my pillow, etc. Basically the same with Peppermint Oil, only more so during cold and flu season. My absolute favorite is Lemongrass. Oh my, I use it in everything just because I LOVE the smell! It has a wonderful uplifting aroma that reminds me of sunshine :)

    • tebo profile image


      5 years ago from New Zealand

      I use Tea Tree Oil, lavender, lemon and chamomile oils. The rosemary oil sounds like a good one to have as do the others you have listed. I must check out your website about cleaning products.

    • CarlySullens profile image

      Carly Sullens 

      5 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

      I use most of the one's you suggested and look forward to trying some of the one's I do not have. I swear by Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil and Lavender Oil, those three are always on hand for me. Vote up.

    • Gordon Hamilton profile image

      Gordon Hamilton 

      5 years ago from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

      I've long been aware of the benefits of different oils in different ways. Unfortunately, I tend to restrict my use to the ones I can use in cooking. Enjoyed the read :)

    • NornsMercy profile image


      5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Thanks for writing this hub. I've always wanted to take better care of myself using oils but there are so many to choose from that it gets confusing! Voted up/interesting/useful and would vote very useful if there was an option. :D

    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 

      5 years ago from India

      I am into meditation and spiritual work. I definitely use essential oils for that. I have clove oil, but haven't used it yet. I have used lavender oil, which is a very good one. I would like to try the Citrus oils and rosemary oil.

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 

      5 years ago from Singapore

      Ok, I am now going essential oil shopping. Thanks for sharing this, Christin. and telling us about the uses of each oil!

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 

      5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      My family and I use Tea Tree Oil and eucalyptus oil, but I don't believe we've tried the others yet. Your excellent report is most refreshing and informative, and we'll just need to look into where we might be able to pick them up locally.

      Thank you, my friend, and aloha!


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Very interesting, I have wanted to try the lavender oil..Thanks for sharing..


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