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What are the Best Pregnancy Tests?

Updated on July 4, 2017


Lots of women have at least taken one pregnancy test in their life. Sometimes, these tests were unplanned for, they just had to take it to be certain. Most women are worried about getting and using the right test to ensure they get the most accurate result possible. Honestly, everyone has their own opinions on different brands and another thing is that many people misread a pregnancy test result which isn’t very encouraging.

1. Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test

The Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test is said to be one of the best home pregnancy test kits on the market. The digital outcome gives you an instant positive or negative result within three minutes. It has a countdown indicator that shows the progress of the result until it is digitally displayed on the screen in words -pregnant; or not pregnant. This way, the issue of misreading the test result is eliminated.

With it being over 99% accurate it is known to have little to no negative or inaccurate pregnancy results. You may also use it five days prior to your period that may or may not come which is an important feature to have in a pregnancy test. It is definitely one of the best pregnancy tests out there for women who want the most accurate test but it is a bit pricey. The test comes to about seven to eight dollars with a single test and spans up to about thirty dollars depending on the store. You can either buy a single test kit, one with three test strips or five test strips.

First Response Pregnancy Test

With the First Response Pregnancy Test, the only unappealing feature would be the lines! This is because studies have shown that one in four women are prone to misread this type of home pregnancy tests. However this test makes the lines easy to read because they are more noticeable than other pregnancy tests. With this test, when two lines are shown, it means you are pregnant and when only one line is visible, it means you are not pregnant.

It is also said to be over 99% accurate with negative and positive results and it only takes three minutes for the results to be visible. The first response pregnancy test has been approved by the FDA to detect pregnancy up to six days before your period is supposed to start which is a favorable upside to this home pregnancy test.

Bear in mind that you can only get a positive result when implantation happens and this might occur early or not. It is also possible that you might indeed be pregnant and this is proven by HCG in urine which can be detected early with the test but then you can also lose the pregnancy as well. In order to save yourself the heartache, wait until you miss your period before testing. The test costs about eight to thirteen dollars but this depends on how many come in the pack.

Equate Pregnancy Test

Equate Pregnancy Test is sensitive but not as much as the other two listed above but if you're looking for a more reasonably priced option this would be it. It will not be able to tell you as soon as the others either but it is also reliable after you have missed your period. The results appear within three minutes and it is proven to be accurate even though it is the cheapest option among the other two mentioned above. Overall for about three to six dollars, you can get an accurate reading.

Pregnancy tests always have one percent chance of a false positive. This is why It is advised to take two or more tests so as to ascertain your accurate status. Most tests are 99% accurate so be sure to read boxes and compare tests. Also, if you get even a faint positive, make a doctor’s appointment to get more tests done and to begin your healthy pregnancy lifestyle. Many women like one pregnancy test over the other so find one that works best for you. It's all about how you like the pregnancy test itself and which one you can afford at the time. Always buy a pack that comes with at least two test strips so that you can repeat the test after a day or two to be sure.


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