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Healthcare professionals and healthcare customers

Updated on January 17, 2015

The Future of Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Customers

  • I believe that the main requirement for healthcare administrators would be to know alternative forms of medicinal practices that are more in favor of consumers than the pharmaceutical industry (Sultz, Young, 2006). I also believe that future healthcare administrators should be encouraged to specialize more in certain areas that can help advance medical procedures or practices. Future healthcare administrators should be given more opportunities to acquire knowledge that deal with medical discoveries for major diseases and cures. In addition to this, I believe that governmental organizations or government created opportunities should be established so that future healthcare administrators can work closely with the government in providing consumers with medical knowledge that is needed to live healthy, productive lives (Sultz, Young, 2006).

According to an article, Conversion of UMC into a teaching hospital, it was said,” that University Medical Center should be converted into a full-fledged teaching hospital so that they attract more funding and paying patients”(Wyland,Harasim,2010). Scott Wyland and Paul Harasim, the writers of this article mentioned ,” that Dr.Trevisan said the medical school currently partners with UMC to offer residencies at the hospital where new doctors can learn the specialties of emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, OB-GYN, pediatrics, psychiatry, and surgery/plastic surgery”(Wyland,Harasim,2010).

The goals of the education leaders in Nevada are wanting to enable UMC to become a re-known and successful hospital like St. Johns Hopkins hospital, which is a system that is made up of four hospitals and a University of Medicine, whose profits generates in the amount of 10 Billion dollars a year”(Wyland,Harasim,2010). St. Johns Hopkins is not only financially successful but they also are successful in the area of medicine, special treatments, research, and health care training” (Wyland, Harasim, 2010). And the higher-education leaders of Nevada want the same thing for University Medical Center (Wyland, Harasim, 2010).

There are so many healthcare concerns right now within our communities that has created much confusion when choosing the right healthcare provider. I think many potential healthcare customers are wanting simplified answers to their complicated questions as to what route to take concerning healthcare. I believe that healthcare providers are now trying to get a sense of all the changes that have been made to the healthcare industry. there are more rules and policies to follow and implement than there were three years ago. Our world, economy and environment are constantly changing including the changes of our populations. So eventually I believe that simplification must begin to take place in order for the healthcare system functions to the best of its ability. I believe that there must always be a common ground between healthcare providers, healthcare policies and healthcare customers.

Furthermore, I think that years from now, our healthcare system will be very productive if we are lucky to work out all of the issues and problems that are occurring now. There are many healthcare customers who are falling into the gaps because of the lack of healthcare insurance or a little amount of insurance due to high premiums etc. There are so many things happening within our healthcare industry for healthcare providers and healthcare customers. I know that when plans,programs or systems are being implemented that it takes time to work out the bugs so that it can run smoothly. Sometimes the ramifications of outcomes can not be fully determined until trial runs or conducted to the effects of plans. So I hope that our healthcare system continues to provide the good that it does offer. I also hope that all the issues that are occurring with our healthcare system could also be corrected and strengthen where strength is needed.


Harasim, P. & Wyland, S. (2010).Plan would convert umc into a full-fledged teaching

hospital. McClatchy tribune business news. Retrieved January 14, 2010, from http://


Sultz, A. H., & Young, M. K. (2006). Health care USA. Massachusetts: Jones and

Bartlett Publishers.


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