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What are the basics of the Weight Watchers 360 Program?

Updated on October 8, 2013

Every Food You Eat Has a PointsPlus Value

At the very core of the Weight Watchers program is carefully tracking everything that you eat or drink. Each food is assigned a PointsPlus value, which is a whole number that is calculated using the number of fat grams, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein in the food you are eating. Tracking these Points is what helps you lose weight.

You can figure out PointsPlus values a couple of different ways. If you subscribe to the Weight Watchers website you can use the online tools there to look up the Points values of thousands of different foods. There is also a calculator where you can input the nutrient information from the nutrition label and the PointsPlus values will be calculated. This calculator is available online, as a smartphone application, or as a separate small device which you can carry in your pocket or purse.

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You Lose Weight When You Stay Within Your Daily Points Allowance

Every Weight Watchers member is assigned a daily points allowance (also called a target) based on their gender, age, and weight. This points allowance is based on a scientific formula proven in multiple clinical studies. The idea is that when a member consumes food at a level equal to their PointsPlus allowance, a calorie deficit will be created, allowing for the member to lose weight on the program.

The minimum number of Points that anyone gets on the Weight Watchers program is 26 Points per day, while other members with higher metabolic needs may get 30-35 or more Points each day. Your Points target will change over time as you lose or gain weight. Your Weight Watchers leader, or the Weight Watchers PointsPlus calculator, will be able to give the the feedback you need about where your PointsPlus allowance should be.

Physical Activity Earns You More Points which You Can Spend on Food

With the Weight Watchers 360 plan, you can earn additional PointsPlus values by doing physical activity. Depending on the duration and intensity of the physical activity, you earn a certain PointsPlus value. Activity points can be exchange on a one-for-one basis with food PointsPlus values. So, the more you workout, the more food you can eat. The scientific basis behind this is that physical activity burns calories, so the more calories you burn, the more calories you can eat.

A Weekly PointsPlus Allowance Makes the Weight Watchers Plan More Flexible

Adding to the flexibility of the plan, Weight Watchers gives you 49 points to spend on whatever you would like throughout the week This weekly allowance is in ADDITION to your daily allowance.

Some people like to eat a few extra Points per day to use up their weekly allowance. Other people save it all of a big "splurge" at the end of the week. It is up to you how you spend your 49 PointsPlus values, and it is optional to use them....if you save them, it could help to accelerate your weight loss.

You Can Get Started with Weight Watchers 360 TODAY

The part I love most about the Weight Watchers program is the fact that there is no need to buy special foods, shakes, or expensive exercise equipment. You can get started today. You can sign up for the Weight Watchers website whenever you want, or you can attend one of the thousands of meetings held each day in small towns and big cities across the country every day. You'll never know the type of weight loss you are capable of until you try, so I would encourage you to start today!


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