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Benefits of doing Yoga? Yoga for Weight loss, diabetes, stress relief, beautiful skin

Updated on August 8, 2017

What are the benefits of doing Yoga? Yoga for Weight loss, diabetes, stress relief, beautiful skin

As we all know, Yoga is an ancient system of medicine and exercise that originated in India and is popular worldwide today. Yoga helps unite the body and soul and helps our body to be in harmony with nature. When you are in harmony, life is calmer and happier. Yoga poses are called Asanas. Some of the powerful yoga poses are Vajrasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Sethu Bandasana etc. Hatha Yoga refers to physical yoga postures while Pranayama refers to breathing techniques. Pranayama is the practice of controlling breath and involves meditation as well. Sitali Breathing is used to reduce anxiety and calm down the body.

Yoga improves overall health and wellbeing. It provides flexibility and strength to the body. It rids the body of toxic substances and cleanses the body at the cellular level. It also ensures hormonal balance in the body

Benefits of Yoga: Yoga has numerous benefits. That’s why it is so popular even in western countries. Yoga is largely seen as an anti-ageing miracle.

Stamina: Your body needs Stamina to perform your daily activities and lead a life of energy. Today’s sedentary lifestyle has robbed people of fitness and stamina. Stamina is also linked to cardiovascular health. Yoga helps build stamina and strength. Navasana(boat pose) ,Bridge pose etc helps to build stamina. Pranayama (breathing exercises) also improves stamina by increasing Lung capacity

Stress Relief: Our body accumulates stress daily. It’s important to get rid of stress. Stress affects our immune system. Various diseases like cancer and diabetes are linked to inability of our immune system to cope with stress. Pranayama and meditation are effective ways to get rid of stress

Weight Loss: Various breathing exercises and poses help improve blood circulation. They also increase the heart rate and overall metabolism of the body. Surya Namaskar, Veerabhadrasana and Kapal Bhati Prayanama can help in Weight loss

Detoxification: Yoga detoxifies the body. Three major systems are involved in elimination of wastes from the body- circulatory, digestive and lymphatic system. As Yoga involves stretching and compressing all parts of the body, it stimulates all the three systems. As a result, it removes waste products like lactic acid, lymphatic fluid and CO2 from deep tissues. It also removes toxins at the cellular level.

Skin: Yoga is beneficial to skin and keeps it young and glowing. Asanas like Sirasasana (headstand) increases blood flow to the head thereby providing a glowing skin. Kapalbharti pranayama is good for healthy skin. Uttanasana helps blood flow to the face, removes free radicals and helps skin cell renewal. Bharadvaja's twist helps flush out toxins from the body

Diabetes: Research studies have proven Yoga’s influence on diabetes. Regular Yoga practice has lead to improvements in fasting glucose and cholesterol levels. Certain Yoga postures like Vrikshasana directly work on the pancreas, thereby stimulating insulin secretion. Some asanas target the nervous and circulatory systems which turn help in controlling diabetes. Bakasana improves interaction between the Pancreas and the pituitary gland.

Anulom Vilom, an alternate nostril breathing exercise works on the nervous system and helps reduce stress. This helps in diabetes treatment

Back pain: Yoga makes your body more flexible. It helps release tight muscles in your back and strengthens the core muscles. Yoga is an excellent remedy for back pain. Bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) and Camel Pose (Ustrasana) works on the spine and rejuvenates the body.

Below are some of the powerful Yoga poses

Setu Bandhasana
Setu Bandhasana


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    • JvicIndia profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from India

      Another hub on my fav Topics- Yoga. Hope this benefits everyone


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