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What are the best supplements? I'll tell you!

Updated on April 15, 2013

If you are tired of getting sold 'BS' products you dont need by those SALESMEN at the nutrition store, you have come to the right place. Let me get started by saying that you need to know what products you want, and what they do before you go into the store! The people who work in the nutrition store (vitamin shoppe, GNC, Vitamin World, ect.) are trained to sell you supplements. Most of the time these salesmen are only pushing their own agenda. Let's take GNC for example; they make a bulk of their salary off of commisions. I have read and heard about many people getting fired for not pushing a certain product set out by their management team. SO! What that equates out to is - you go in for a fat burner, they will try to sell you a weight gainer. Why? Because, that means they keep their job and make money.

Just a little bit of information about the author (me), I will now never step foot inside a nutritional store unless I absolutely have to; if I cant find what I'm looking for online! Too many times have I seen a salesmen sell some poor guy/gal a product they dont want/need.. It makes me sick! I don't understand how if somebody came to you, desperately seeking advice, and you turned them away with something they dont need!? Just to cushion your bank account..

OK. Enough about my ranting about those salesmen. Let's get down to business, the real reason you came here! Supplements. Before I go on and on about which supplements YOU want/need, let me say I can't tell you that. Allow me to explain. Your goals might be different from mine and whoever else is reading this. So, instead of saying there is a magic "1 size fits all" pill that will do whatever you want it to, I'll go through and give you a list of commonly used supplements and what they do.

Weight Loss:

Animal CUTS- Out of all the products I have used, CUTS did one of the best jobs. I did see results, with minimum muscle loss. BUT, you do have to take 8 pills twice a day! If 8 pills wasn't enough, you have to do it on an empty stomach; which did make me vomit quite a few times..

OxyElite Pro- another good product, not quite as strong as CUTS in the way of dosage. 2-3 pills a day. Although great at burning fat, you will notice your muscles shrinking as well. You were warned!

Muscle Gain:

Any Whey protein is your best bet. My favorite, due to taste and results, is Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard 100% Whey. The price isn't that bad, and depending on the size of the tub you buy, a good amount of servings. Taste and mixability is probably the best I have ever tried! Whey protein helps repair/build your muscles, making them bigger.

Creatine- I have yet to find a creatine product that I like more than any other. Just keep in mind, you get what you pay for! What creatine does is sends water to your muscles, making them appear larger almost as soon as you take it. With that said, make sure you drink A LOT of water.

BCAA's- Also know as Branched Chained Amino Acids are basically the building block of protein; which builds muscle. Most people don't get the right amount of BCAA's in their diet alone. If you are one of the people who don't, you need this product! A major reason is why I use BCAA's is because it helps your body from 'eating' your muscles. Take BCAA's before you plan on doing a intense cardio session!

Weight Gainers:

For those of you who want to put on some weight, this is the best option for you for obvious reasons. The high amount of calories and carbs mixed in with high amounts of protein will add weight to you for sure. I use Real Mass for my weight gain, and that contains almost 800 calories! You will get a bit of a gut. You can do a 'bulk/cut' using weight gainers and one of the "weight loss" products I mentioned. If you have any questions about Bulking/Cutting, leave a comment or mail me, I'd be happy to explain what it entails.


I know I only mentioned a handful of products of the MILLIONS of products out there. I just simply mentioned the products that work best for me personally. Like I mentioned earlier, everybody is different! Another key point is: if you can construct an absolutely perfect diet/workout routine, you WILL NOT NEED any supplements AT ALL! Supplements are just that; to supplement your diet and exercise. The right amount of cardio will erase the needs of fat burners. Where the right food will make it to where you don't need weight/muscle gainers.

As a side point, don't forget your daily multivitamin!! As always, good luck on all of your health goals. If you may have any questions please feel free to message me or drop a comment on this page, and I'll do my best to set you in the right direction.


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