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What are the causes, types, symptoms and precautions of migraine?

Updated on November 14, 2012
Headache? | Source

Since humans have head there is going to be headaches. It is very hard to find a human who does not go through headaches in the normal span of life. But,it is important to mention here, that not all headaches should be ignored. Let us go through this problem in detail for a better understanding about the problem of headaches.

Reasons for headaches

There are different reasons associated with human headaches. The international headache society has categorized the headaches into different categories. Normally, one main reason for headaches is migraine which is categorized into classic migraine and common migraine. Classic migraine is very much related to one's family history. It can occur from an early age and could lasts around two to four hours. In contrast to this, common migraine is generally prevalent among the women genre which could last around four to 12 hours. As the name suggests this migraine is very common.

Symptoms of migraine

The symptoms of migraine include headache together with the circling of the head. Other significant symptoms are signs of vomiting, lack of concentration, stiffness, depression, irritability, visual problems etc.

How to find out if one is affected by migraine?

Normally, headaches related to migraine could be because of several reasons. One should take note of those reasons first. Examples include sleeplessness during the night, anger, depression, drinking alcohol in excess could be the reasons for headache. Those who work in front of computer continuously for a long period of time could suffer from headache. Those women who use oral contraceptive pills could also face headaches related to migraine. Sometimes migraine could reduce by itself and it has also been found out that if proper sleep is taken then one may get relief from headache. If food stuffs like cheese is avoided then the headache also subsides. Many times this headache could be averted by changing the food habits.

All headaches are not migraines

Normally, migraine starts from one side of the head and spreads around. But, often, it is also noticed that both the sides of the head are affected by it. Apart from migraine, the modern lifestyle is also a good reason for the headaches. Headaches are also very much related to tensions and it reaches its peak with the tensions of daily life. This type of headaches are very common among the aged ones especially among the women. A good sound sleep gives a great relief from this type of headaches. It is also advisable to take certain medicines from doctors to reduce this type of tensions.

Some of the other headache reasons

There are several reasons which are associated with headaches apart from a migraine. Some of the other causes of headaches are as discussed below:

Headaches due to bacterial reasons: If the normal sinusitis of humans is infected with bacteria or viral infections then it could cause headaches. Symptoms of this include cough and cold, obstruction in the passage of nostrils, mild fever with headaches. In this situation one should take the help of a general physician who may prescribe some antibiotics for the same.

Headaches related to eyesight problem: Youngsters those who have the plus power may face headaches from time to time. Glaucoma is another eye disease that is related to headache. Glaucoma is categorized into simple glaucoma and congestive glaucoma. It is congestive glaucoma that is related to too much headache associated with vomiting.

Cluster headache: Men who are in the age range between 30 to 50 years suffer from this. The headache is temporary in nature and lasts around 45 minutes. This is associated with reddening of the eyes. This type of headache arrives at the same time every day. The tenure of this type of headache is around four to eight weeks. Another reason for this type of headaches is associated with tension and work pressure.

Brain tumor: If one is affected with this disease then together with other symptoms one is also affected with headache. It starts with a slight headache and gradually it increases and stays for a long time.

Headaches from head injury: Though head injury gets treated but it may lead to headaches in the future.

Headaches of the aged: One reason of headaches among the aged is strokes. Those who have a high blood pressure they may suddenly feel headaches and then it is necessary to find out if there is a stroke. In such cases, one needs to consult with the doctors.

Headaches from fever: Normally fevers are related with headaches too. But if one gets affected by meningitis he/she would face headaches. Headaches with high fevers for a continuous period are the symptoms of meningitis.

Post spinal headaches: If a patient is given spinal anesthesia for any operation then he/she may come across headaches for sometime in the future. This gets cured by itself. This is known as post spinal headaches.


For any kind of headaches, one needs to be careful and consult a doctor under the following circumstances:

  • If one faces a headache which he/she has never experienced before
  1. Headaches which are so severe that a patience could not bear
  2. If a patient has a history of trauma
  3. If one face headache along with fever
  4. If the aged are facing severe headaches
  • One may not get relief from migraine through medicines alone and the patient may be advised by the doctor to go through C. T.scan.
  • One may not get relief with the headaches associated with migraine because it may come back after some time. The life style, food habits and family history is very much responsible for it.

To remain safe from headaches

To avoid headaches, one needs to avoid certain things in their normal course of life. Some of the things which one needs to avoid are as given below:

  • Avoid eating cheese
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid oral contraceptive pills
  • Avoid tensions and anxieties as much as possible
  • Avoid fast foods and chocolates. One should rely on foods that are easy to digest and add more fruits, vegetables and pulses in the regular diets.

To stay away from migraine and follow a healthy lifestyle one should do meditation, yoga, pranayamas and regular free hand exercises.


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    • Ajayaryan profile image

      Ajay Kumar Singh 2 years ago from India


      Make sure to visit a migraine doctor or a headache specialist like a neurologist without any delay. However, make sure to note down the symptoms or headache experiences she faces because your doctors may ask these questions for proper diagnosis.

    • profile image

      Deepak 2 years ago

      My wife is suffering from migraine so pls tell me how can I help her

    • profile image

      sufi 3 years ago

      This has been really useful for all the people who are suffering from migraine.