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What can adults get from watching cartoons

Updated on June 12, 2013

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When we were little we loved cartoons and hated television shows. It made us laugh and kept us out of our parent’s way. You could have a bad day until your favorite cartoon came on then all of a sudden your problems was solved. As we got older we didn’t watch cartoon as much as we use too. But how many of you still watch cartoons to this day? Some people may say cartoons are only for kids (says who?) You can learn from a cartoon no matter your age.


Watching cartoons is good for creativity; you see the main character doing something that may seem impossible, but somehow they make possible. You may see someone make a spaceship out of furniture in their living room. In the cartoon “Phineas and Ferb” you have to brothers who come up with something to do every day for the summer. They go on wild adventures, building all sorts of inventions (and somehow manage not to get caught by their older sister). Let go back a little further to “Dexter’s Laboratory”, which is about little orange haired kid who built an entire laboratory in his room behind a bookshelf, which is where he build inventions to solve his everyday problems (mainly to keep his older sister out of laboratory). These are just examples to show you how cartoons can help you tap into your creative side.


Brings Hope

As a child we believe anything we see on television is possible, but as we get older we are hit with something called reality. Reality can take that child out of you to point where your life doesn’t seem like an adventure anymore. You remember when was little and you said you wanted to go into space, or you wanted to invent a hovercraft? Some people gave up on their dream and would rather punch in and out on the time clock. Those childlike dreams are still possible if you put some effort into it. Cartoons is full of characters making the impossible possible. For example, almost every anime on you see on television has a child as the main character achieving amazing things. Take Pokémon for example, you have a 10 year old traveling the world facing and overcoming great dangers you see how keeps getting back up every time he falls. Another example would be Avatar; you have a 12 year old boy who is accompanied by his friends to bring peace to the world. Naruto is about a young ninja who is shunned from his village, but he tries his best to protect the very same village that hates him. In the end they learn to love him. You see in these animated cartoons where the main character time and time again knock down any wall that stands in their way by not giving up even when it seemed impossible. In the times we are in right now you could take a lesson or two from cartoons. Do you believe anything is possible if you never give up?

Health benefits

Believe it or not there is a health benefit to watching cartoons. Cartoons make us laugh and laughing produce endorphin which makes us feel better physically and mentally. Watching your favorite is a good to unwind from a hard at work or you just need to relieve some stress. This can help you from having stress related problems such as a heart attack.

Right cartoon

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all cartoons can teach us these lessons, because some cartoons are just full of smut, which is good for an adult laugh. You’ll notice that some cartoon put adult like content in them and claim it’s suitable for kid, so be careful with that. Adventurous anime programs almost always have a young hero saving the world instead of an adult.

How would cartoons help you?

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Cartoons, believe it or not inspire us to be creative when solving problem and to never give up. Isn’t that what the people before our time did when they were facing hard times (granted there weren’t any cartoons in their time). Back then the light bulb probably would seem like a ridiculous idea, but Thomas Edison kept at it and never gave up. So don’t think you’re too old to watch cartoons,because you may just learn something.


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    • Twilight Lawns profile image

      Twilight Lawns 4 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

      Thank you for a really nice hub. I love cartoons and animation and although I am an old man, I really can laugh and identify with the characters and the situations.

      Right now I am dying to see the new animation 'Epic' but it is being shown quite early in the evening (about 6:20) and that makes it difficult for me because of parking etc. But I will see it, and I know I am going to be enthralled, like a little kid.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i watch cartoons with my son. He loves thomas and friends, barney and cuggington. These cartoons are not bad. They teaches children about friendship, how to help each other and not to hurt others feelings. Not just sit and watch cartoons. My son would ask me questions too.