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What causes obsessions? Cures

Updated on January 25, 2009

Say no to poison

I hope that poison is not among the recipes anyone would use to commit suicide.  Of course,  suicide by any method is undesirable. Any attempt is serious and those involved should seek counseling right away.  A person willing to step over the line and his/her own life is definitely not in control of rational thinking.  After an attempt, if an attempted suicide has time to work it through, they are most always grateful that the attempt didn't succed.  They are unable to work it through alone and need professional help.

A therapist will get all those who are importatant in the unsuccessful attempter's mileau  to deal with any factors that may give rise to undesirable symptoms.

That is the cautionary note I feel is important for all who try to understand this devestating problem.  Now, I will answer your question.

Of all the ways to die, most poisons cause an inordinate amount of pain and leave a damaged body legacy if the injester survives.  Of course, every poison leaves its own trademark and a poison control center at a hospital can answer specific questions about a particular poison. Brain damage and major damage to vital body organs may leave the victim seriously physically and mentally disabled.  They may never recognize loved ones or participate in work or other healthy activities that make life worthwhile.  A bungled suicide attempt may leave the victim a vegetable, unable to care even for basic body functions. 

Every poison is different and the effects depend on its chemical composition, how much was injested, body weight, and how quickly an antidote was administered to counter the effects of the poison.

Alcohol, most drugs, prescription or otherwise, have some nasty consequences.  Even over-the-counter medications can be dangerous if taken in excess.  They are considered for healing but when taken against a physicians advice, are deadly poisons.  As a former drug counselor and advisor at the Los angeles Free Clinics,  I saw more than my share of successful and unsuccesful suicide attempts.  Most ladies do choose a prescribed medication to do the job.  Men, more often use a gun, but I saw a lot of suiciders who drove a vehicle into a pole. whether male or female, a note might express hatred toward someone who is "causing" the suicide. Only the person who commits the act is responsible for the tragedy. It is their choice and no one elses. 

No problem will resolve by suicide. Family members may be affected for life.  Children of the tragedy often grow up and repeat the act, causing an ever widening   net of survivors.  Whether a family will get involved or not, there are many sympathetic listeners,  in every community, waiting to help.  Because of its teririble, lingering effects on a community, The notion of a person taking his/her own life is unacceptable, and resources allocated to deal with the problem.  Even when not related to a suicide,  It is something that no feeling person can get through without pain, and a natural feeling of guilt and responsibility.  It is frustrating and goes against everything civilization stands for. 

To reach help for you or someone you know who is threatening suicide, call  your local mental health clinic.  They will take patients on their ability to pay, so that if you have no money, counseling will still be made available.

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    • solarcaptain profile image

      mike king 8 years ago from california

      Well, thank you for turning me on to your blogs. And thanks for becoming a fan. I will reciprocate. I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

      Your writing, of course, is cracker-jack. You will go far. Now, get a controversial stand you want to take, walk around with pebbles in your mouth for a year, wear the Ivy league uniform, and presto: We have the new, Willim F. Buckley. In either case you have a new fan, Keep it up.

    • fishskinfreak2008 profile image

      fishskinfreak2008 8 years ago from Fremont CA

      Very thorough answer. Thanks! Thumbs up

    • solarcaptain profile image

      mike king 8 years ago from california

      Google won't allow me to join ad sense but decided unilaterally that I should donate any earnings to them. I still don't know what I did wrong so be careful. They do not have my permission to advertise on my blog.

      When I try to join ad sense they want to use an address that I haven't used for three years. In the army and elsewhere, it is called CATCH 22. It means you must take a route assigned you but if you take the route, it is pre-determined that you may not take the route. So, you have to go back and do it over again.....