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What created this Liberal

Updated on March 13, 2017


I believe I was meant to be Liberal by Nature, and it continued to be nurtured through experience. God made me this way. I will celebrate in what God created.

Below you will find a list of experiences that pushed me towards Liberalism.


1. Watching a man abusing a woman. That isn't something any pre-teen young girl should see. Just before, she, herself, was to become a woman. Apparently, it was something that I was supposed to live through, and did. God wanted me here, but why?

2. Watch white, male middle school classmates make fun of my friends on the school bus. (Two were made fun of due to ethnicity, and one was made fun of due to disability.) Back then, I thought Americans were supposed to be better than this. I still refuse to believe that this is what true Americans are?! No matter how many times it gets rammed down my throat. I am an American, and I'm not that way. However, I am an understanding American because I have legal immigrants in my family. I have connections to those with disabilities, (I myself have Epilepsy)and I do not go around making fun of them. This, THIS is what will keep me from ever voting Republican. I will vote Independent before I vote Republican.

3. When I lived in a military community and I voted for Obama. My son's friend's mother asked me, "who'd you vote for?" My initial thought was to say, "none of your business." However, I politely said, "Obama." She called me the anti-Christ. No loss to me, we weren't ever that close. However, I remember thinking, "what a classless <female dog>. (I am glad to be able to vote in a non-military community now.) Word to the wise: "If you are sure you are not going to like the answer of who a person voted for, don't ask."

4. I will never believe that the Bible was something written to be rammed down people's throats. This coming from me, a descendant of Saint Luke. Yes, from the Bible. I, honestly, do not think God is going to punish me for keeping out of other people's business. I believe in the ten commandments. However, it continues to make me feel that most Republicans are just hateful human beings. That's what psychology just proves to me. No matter how much I wish it weren't so.

5. More social workers are Democrat than Republican. A statistic that was told in my BSW classes. It's what I do.

6. As one Canadian put it, "what's wrong with free health care? I don't care if some of my taxes goes to help a young child with cancer. It means being a decent human being." I just do not see many decent human beings amongst Republicans. Unfortunately, experience taught me that. They appear to be all brawn and no brain. I am hoping to come across some decent Republicans, but I still haven't yet.

7. I, for one, have never been a Fox News watcher. Just something about it never sat well with me. Now, according to Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, who has stated that Fox News has lied about the suspect that was apprehended for the shooting at the Mosque in Quebec City. My cousin used to work for a newspaper in Ontario. I would prefer to believe them instead of Fox News. (It is good to have validation that I was right about Fox News.)

In conclusion

Unlike most Republicans who are banning watching Hollywood award shows because of how the celebrities are voicing their opinion of Trump. Now Dale Earnhardt Jr is also voicing his opinion. Therefore, I say good luck dealing with your stress during the rein of Trump without a good movie, music or sporting event. Me? I plan to enjoy. Because I have no beef with them. In fact, I am proud to see Shailene Woodley fighting the pipeline issue that Trump just signed to contaminate our water. There are some in Hollywood that will always be kind enough to help.

I am also happy to see that George W. Bush's daughter is also protesting Donald Trump. Making this a non issue between parties. I didn't vote for Bush when he was president before. However, I would, gladly, take George W Bush over Donald Trump NOW.

I feel sorry for every Republican, however. Someone will, eventually, stop Trump. Who knows, maybe it will be when Trump pollutes his own son's lungs. I didn't vote him into office. My hands are clean. Of course, that does not mean that I do not feel the pain of others that his executive orders have greatly effected.

I remember the white supremacy that I had to witness as a child. I remember how I felt when I saw this happening. I really do not understand it. Are whites jealous? Do white supremacists really feel that they are better than others? We all have a place on this Earth. God put them here to live amongst us, so just get used to it.

I have many friends that are helping me activate online support to have Donald Trump impeached. Three are journalists (two men, and one Jewish woman), another two are African American men, one in which is going through medical issues, has three kids and was in my BSW classes. We will tell this story one day. I am more alive being an activist on this issue than I have been in a few years. I am also seeing the kinds of people that I want in my life, versus those that I say, "don't let the door hit you on the way out." They make choices, so do I.


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