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What Do Starchy Foods Do to the Human Body?

Updated on October 15, 2017
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Whenever you eat starchy foods, what do they do in your body?
Whenever you eat starchy foods, what do they do in your body?

What starch does to the human body

Many people ask; what do starchy foods do to the human body? Well, most starchy foods contain lots of fiber that help in checking digestive problems in our body. Majority of these starchy foods are carbohydrates. Although there are a lot of myths about starchy foods being unhealthy, they help in building up your body and providing you with a good amount of energy.

Examples of foods and vegetables that contain starch

Foods like legumes, beans, lentils, maize, chestnuts, potatoes, yam, rice and flour contain a good amount of starch that helps in building your body.

Starch and blood glucose level

When you have a good amount of starch in your body, it helps to keep your sugar levels normal. This is because the end product of starch is sugar. Your body uses it to provide you with energy to enable you run your daily activities well. When complex carbohydrates break down, they provide your body with a long lasting energy and fullness between meals. Although it is believed that only sugar causes high blood sugar levels, starch taken in excess also causes this problem since the end product of starch is sugar.

Starch contains molecules of glucose that finally breaks down into sugar. So when you eat lots of starchy foods, there will be a continuous rise and fall in sugar levels in your blood. This often leads to headaches and other health problems in your body. In addition, if you you already have diabetes, eating lots of starchy foods can make your condition worse.

Starchy foods are a good source of energy

When you consume a lot of starchy foods you will have a good amount of energy for a longer period. Most carbohydrate foods contain starch. The end products of these starchy foods help to provide your body with energy. This is one of the reasons why sports drinks have one of their most prominent ingredients being glucose.

When a sports man or woman ingests glucose when exercising or during competitions, he or she is able to perform better. Whenever you consume a starchy food, your body converts it to glucose, which gives energy to the body.

Some starchy foods contain resistant starch which which are capable of lowering blood sugar level.
Some starchy foods contain resistant starch which which are capable of lowering blood sugar level.

Resistant starch is good for your body

Although majority of the starch in your body breaks down to give you energy, resistant starch does not digest. Resistant starch has the ability to pass through the digestive tract without getting digested. According to experts, resistant starches acts as fibers and have a lot of health benefits.

These starches are capable of lowering blood sugar levels and can contribute to the health of the colon. Some good examples of foods that contain resistant starch in decent amounts include such foods as green banana, white beans and oatmeal. Resistant starch can also be found in foods like potatoes, pasta and legumes that have been cooked and allowed to cool down for a short time.

Starchy foods and weight gain

When you eat a lot of starchy foods, you will gain weight. The reason why starchy foods cause weight gain is simply because excess amounts of starchy foods in the system end up being stored as body fat.

The more body fat a person has, the higher his or her likelihood of gaining weight. So when you continue to consume more carbohydrates containing large amounts of starch and you don’t burn them through exercise or during your daily activities, you will become fat. If you want to prevent this from happening then the best advice I can give to you is to cultivate the habit of engaging in regular physical activity.


So is starch good for your body? Nutritionists and experts everywhere agree that starch is good for the health of the average person. However, readers should know that despite the fact that starch is very healthy for the body, there are a number of disadvantages of starchy foods such as the fact that it can cause weight gain. Also, if you are one who suffers from diabetes, eating too much starch can worsen your condition since the end product of starch is sugar.

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