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What do you know about acupuncture?

Updated on March 23, 2016

Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest continuous systems of medicine in history that until about two thousand years before the birth, although some unusual methods of treatment in ancient Chinese medicine system comes back.

However, it is one of the most popular types of alternative medicine is resorted too much in the hope of a cure, the most famous ancient Chinese treatment methods are where acupuncture used to relieve pain and some different diseases. In the following article, we will learn more about the Chinese acupuncture treatment.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a high and very accurate needles as the size corresponds to the size of normal human hair and these needles are used only once and then disposed of painless, and are planted at certain points of the body to help or hinder the treatment of certain diseases that it according to the theories of traditional Chinese Medicine.

How is it treated Chinese acupuncture?

Chinese medicine theory holds that when needles in certain areas, these needles will affect the orbits of the energy channels tingling, rotates in the body where they penetrate these needles peripheral nerves and is working to relieve the pain so that in many therapeutic purposes is used and are sometimes used to anesthetize surgical.

What are some diseases that contribute to treat acupuncture?

- Paralysis of all kinds, such as paraplegia, polio and paralysis of the seventh nerve.
- Acupuncture bear the consequences of a stroke to alleviate showed how the ability to speak is lost.
- Herniation and inflammation of the sciatica.

Contribution to the treatment of all types of rheumatism and arthritis and heel and relieve back and neck pain -.
Contribution to the treatment of weight problems like obesity and thinness -.
Contribution to the treatment of infertility and sexual weakness, the problems from the failure of sperm function in men leads -.

- To relieve headaches and migraines contribution pain.
- Contribution to alleviating the symptoms of colds and flu and respiratory diseases.
- Post-effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections, such as urinary incontinence or urinary retention disease.
- For the treatment of indigestion and diarrhea, Kalamsak and address Swells contribution.
- Help in the treatment of high blood pressure or dropping.

Contribution to the treatment of diabetes -.
- Acupuncture is commonly used to control and mitigate the acute and chronic pain.

What other situations where the use of acupuncture to benefit them?

Activate the immune system strengthening and -.
Reduce the feeling of tension, anxiety and depression -.
- The use of acupuncture is useful for people who are trying to quit drugs or smoking.
- Acupuncture anesthesia used in patients who suffer from allergic medical anesthesia.
- Relief of menstrual pain.

What are the situations that prevented the use of acupuncture?

There are some cases in which prevent the use of acupuncture as an alternative treatment, when used to tighten where possible, the disease and serious side effects, and these cases:

- Cases that require surgery, such as cases of hernias and tumors, among others.
- Diseases that cause disturbances glands.
- Heart disease, kidney failure, liver cirrhosis.
- Infectious diseases and parasitic diseases.
- Severe mental illnesses that the medical intervention and psychiatric treatment.

At the end of the Chinese needles have an alternative medicine methods that can be successful in treating some cases, there is no evidence for modern medicine and scientific research over a complete success, so if you have to try this method account of public health and avoid the use of needles terms used before also be taken not to benefit the fruits of a reversal of this experience.


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