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What Do You Want Out of Your Life?

Updated on June 19, 2017

No better time than now.

Don't put off success for a later time when you can make it happen now.
Don't put off success for a later time when you can make it happen now.

Goals and what inspires us.

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen, this is most likely something many people can relate to. Throughout your life you've had something you wanted to desperately achieve, a mountain you eagerly dreamed of overcoming. Is it just me or do these milestones in your life seem just a little out of reach at times. Whether it's friends or family that try to bring you back "down to earth" or simply something more common such as financial hardships. The day I left for my deployment to the Middle East last April I had so many ideas in my head that kept tossing and turning me around until mid May. One day I woke up from my sleep and realized that I didn't want to let other people's words and average goals keep me in one place my entire life. I was humble but I also realized that my aspirations were up in the clouds and that's where I longed to be. It is undeniably the same for everyone of us. In the depths of our hearts we know where we want to be. But why is it that only some of us make the first baby steps to make these dreams and ideas a reality while others stay comfortably put. Why does the hardworking man that makes an honest living for his family, keep grinding day in and day out for a boss and job he truly despises? Maybe it's fear of not finding another stable occupation, or the lack of belief in ones self to climb higher. I'm no therapist, or some wealthy man who can tell futures. I am just another person in the same boat that wants to paddle down the river a little faster. I want the best for everyone I come across, because why want anything less? We all deserve to prosper and live our respective life's to the absolute fullest capacity. If you want to take professional pictures, model, start a fashion line or work your way up in the political ladder. Don't be afraid to take the first steps..and never be afraid of failure. When you run across failure it may seem discouraging, but it should be looked at as a learning experience to better propel yourself forward! Figure out your professional and personal flaws and constantly forge them into what you need them to be. Hopefully this find its way to welcoming ears and open minds. Stay blessed and never settle for less than what you truly believe is possible.

Life is what you make it.

Never settle for less than what you believe is possible.
Never settle for less than what you believe is possible. | Source

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At this very moment, are you satisfied with where you are in your life.

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Leaving your "Comfort Zone"

For anyone beginning the personal journey of chasing their goals here comes something all too familiar.

The Comfort Zone.

In all honestly it's what keeps most people grounded. They have found something that is sustaining them. Whether or not it is something they enjoy on them. Nothing spectacular however will come from this frame of mind. In order for each and every one of us to truly discover what we are capable of, we have to take several leaps of faith. This is the first one and quite possibly the most difficult to get through. Once one proves to them self that they are worth more and can inevitably DO more.. something great happens. They start tapping into resources they didn't know was possible. They start breaking mental, physical & even emotional barriers. Once you realize your true capacity for change, doors start opening for you.

© 2017 Daniel Perales


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