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What does it mean if you suffer from bipolar disorder

Updated on June 18, 2013

Many people are not really aware of what this disorder is, and how it effects people. It is associated with extreme mood swings, from one end of the scale feeling very high and positive, to the opposite end of the scale, feeling negative, and low.

Bipolar disorder can be experienced by anyone regardless of their age. It is sometimes diagnosed in people as happening very suddenly, while in other people it is felt as a more gradual climb to diagnosis.

When a bipolar sufferer experiences the symptoms of manic depression, this can be anywhere from a few hours to in extreme cases a few days, or even weeks. This is commonly called the cycle of the disorder.

Alongside the length of cycles that people experience, when they suffer from bipolar, they can also experience a range of intensity of the condition, and also the frequency which the condition takes old of them.

There is no known cure currently for bipolar, there is however a range of medication that is meant to even out the persons emotional well being. This means that their highs and lows won't be quite as dramatic.

If you suffer from bipolar it can be a frightening experience, and lots of people benefit from the support and love of their friends and family around them. A person who suffers from bipolar should consult their doctor, and primarily seek medical treatment.

As medical advances take place, so too does the hope that one day the treatment for bipolar disorder will be more definite, along with the diagnosis, which in some places through the world is still not fully recognized.

If you suspect someone has bipolar, then you can watch out for these symptoms to give you an accurate understanding if they do have.

Bipolar high symptons

  • They have a very high mood, or escalated mood.
  • Their speech, and their rate at which they talk will be much quicker.
  • They will be easily irritable, and become angry or irritated if you slightly upset them.
  • They will be easily distracted, and change their mind repeatedly.
  • Their sleep pattern will be much shorter.
  • Their behavior will seem much more reckless.

You will also be able to see a dramatic shift in their behavior when they are at their low.

Bipolar low symptons

  • They will with-drawl socially from situations, and also stop doing regular activities that they may be used too.
  • They will experience spells of crying, and feel a great deal of unhappiness.
  • Their sleep pattern will extend, and they will remain in their bed for extended periods.
  • Their energy levels will drop dramatically.
  • They will experience suicidal thoughts.
  • Their weight will change and they will stop eating or drinking as much.


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