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What does the pain during urination in men?

Updated on March 31, 2016

Pain in the projection of the urethra (urethral) in men is the main symptom of inflammatory diseases of the urethra, urolithiasis, prostatic inflammation and certain infectious diseases. Accompanied by pain during urination can release blood in the urine, broken portions of urine, the emergence of other discharge from the urethra.

Acute processes are characterized by intense pain. In chronic forms of pain during urination, and a few dull perceived as a burning or cramps campaign urethra.


Inflammatory diseases of the mucosa of the urethra can be infectious and non infectious etiologies.

Infectious urethritis occur in the presence of a bacterial infection of the urinary system. These include inflammation of the urethra on the background of sexually transmitted diseases ( hlamidiazah , trichomoniasis ,gonorrhea ), bacterial inflammation of the bladder and kidneys (cystitis, pyelonephritis).

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Diseases transmitted through unprotected sex, accompanied by the release of different nature from the urethra during urination. Pain during urination in men in the head of the penis is caused by irritant pathological secretions and urine on the walls of inflamed urethra.

Urethritis Treatment begins with the establishment of the reasons that caused this pathology. If any venereal disease assigned adequate antibiotic therapy, taking into account the sensitivity of the pathogen to various antibiotics. Along with these drugs in the treatment regimen includes anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating agents.

Urethritis caused by inflammation in the bladder or kidneys, is treated with antibiotics fluoroquinolone, Euroscepticism and anti-inflammatory drugs of plant origin.

Prostatotsistit and prostatitis

Inflammation of the prostate increases the size of its lobes. Thus there is a compression of the urethra, which extends therebetween. This process is manifested in the form of painful frequent urination, discontinuity of current urine, frequent urge to urinate night. The stream of urine becomes sluggish, sometimes it an admixture of blood appears.

Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the prostate involves the use of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agents in the form of tablets, injections and rectal suppositories. Often added to treatment drugs, the direction of action on the prostate tissue, reducing inflammation processes in it.


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