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What healthcare reform would be the most beneficial?

Updated on August 26, 2012

Healthcare reform is a hot topic this election year with the changes engrained in the healthcare reform legislation passed by Congress. The cost of healthcare is rising as we speak and the legislation passed by Congress is unpopular for many reasons not the least of which is the mandate for health insurance. Though this element of the legislation has been acted upon by the Supreme Court it does not mean that it cannot be changed in a new administration should it take place after the election in November? The topic is one of the issues in the current campaign but the focus on other issues currently is taking the spotlight.

I believe there are good ideas within the current legislation which should be saved by any repeal or revision effort. Comments have been made around the rights we have under the Constitution and some say some are violated within the legislation which have not been brought before our judicial system. Whether this is true or not we need to wait and see what action takes place after the election in November. Other critical aspects affecting our healthcare system were left out of the legislation not the least of which is tort reform. It is a well-known fact that lawsuits affect the cost of health insurance in healthcare organizations and doctors as they must pay insurance companies to address potential lawsuits. This drives up the cost of health insurance.

Making changes in our tort system would clearly affect the costs of insurance but whether this is an action that Congress will take up in the next Congressional session is unknown. Another aspect which needs to be changed or eliminated is the board established under the current legislation to rule on decisions affecting patient healthcare between doctors and patients. There have been comments that the intent of this board is not to make decisions affecting patient care but a clear answer as to why it exist has not been given.

Two other aspects needed in our healthcare system are allowing individuals to take their insurance from one state to another. It is currently true that states regulate insurance companies and how allowing individuals to have such freedom of choice will affect the current legislative requirements is unknown. The second is allowing individuals to maintain their insurance when moving from job to job. This to some extent is allowed on an individual basis but the price rises when leaving an organization.

The cost of healthcare is hurting every American and real steps need to be taken to address the rising costs. The issues identified in this article are only a start. Our healthcare system like our tax system needs an overhaul on the structure to provide great healthcare with less costs. A more simplified tax structure would also energize our economy. Our tax system and healthcare are connected though indirectly for the more taxes an individual pays the less they have to get the healthcare they need. Individuals in some cases must make decisions between getting the healthcare they need and purchasing such things as food for themselves and their families.

Both healthcare and taxes have a great impact on each of us for they play an important role in the amount of money we have left to meet our needs and the needs of our family. Some will say the overhaul has already taken place with the current legislation but it is highly unpopular. As I previously mentioned there are some good principles and aspects of the current legislation but there are unintended impacts to the content contained within it affecting us all. Future changes in our healthcare and tax system must be accomplished through common sense and ones that every American can understand and accept.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 5 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by and I agree that pre-existing conditions need to be a part of any healthcare reform actions.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California


      This hub is a good view of the problems with healthcare and how it also connects to problem in the tax system.

      Adding thirty million more people to an already pathetic health care industry won't improve the quality of healthcare. Tampering with Medicare funds to kick start the new healthcare weakens the ability of seniors to find doctors that will still take Medicare patients.

      Medicare is established but it is rift with fraud and bureaucracy, and that is a result of being run by the government. The new system won't fair much better.

      The one part of the new system concerning pre-existing conditions could have been addressed with a single law to protect those people.

      The Supreme Court said that Obamacare was constitutional simply on the basis that it was a tax, although the law itself classified it as a penalty. In either case we don't need to repeat the taxes of last century with offspring of SS and Medicare.