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What if Love Really is "all ya need?"

Updated on April 15, 2015
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I'm a Certified Health Coach who wants to help you create the best balance of spiritual, physical and mental health that is possible.

What is Love?

Since becoming more self aware and learning more about life balance, the subject of Love is everywhere I turn.

It is part of my daily meditations and part of the action taken on a regular basis in caring for myself and those whom I hold dear.

Lately, I am seeing love as not just a word, but an action or a state of being. An actual experience to have and to share.

The way Love is suddenly everywhere for me reminds me of how I came to learn about sex. At age eleven the television show Laugh In was taking the world by storm. It was very racy for it's time circa 1969 and I was tickled that my parents were allowing me to watch. Of course, so much of the program was way over my prepubescent head, which is probably why I got to watch. What does stand out to me is that I suddenly became aware of the word "Sex" in a way I never had before. So much so that in my naivete` I thought "Wow, this sex thing is new. I wonder when this came to be?" I guess I figured that this was something brand new and I was not the only one learning about it.

It is that same wonder and sense of awe that I feel now as I ponder the word Love. Not that I think it's something new, but it is like I'm seeing it with new eyes. Perhaps a new heart?

Where is Love?

I know that there have been a lot of articles written about the science of love. Many scientific points of view have been shared as to the origins of and need for love.

I prefer to look at the subject from a more esoteric point of view. I know some of these scientific facts about how love causes a hormonal activity that then set's up a chain reaction throughout our bodies and brains.

But, I'm thinking about love from a different perspective.

I am quite taken with this idea of a vibrational frequency that is attached to the emotion of love. I have to believe there is some truth to this. Consider that a person witnessing their loved one being crushed by a car suddenly able to physically lift the car off of them saving them from death! This happens because the body fills with adrenalin allowing this surge of energy to allow them to perform this feat of strength. At any other time, when a loved one is not at risk, they simply would not be able to create this chain reaction.

Think of the person who has nothing to give but love. But, by giving love they set up a chain reaction in the object of their affection that creates change. We have all read stories about how somebody felt such love as to cause miraculous happenings.

People have been inexplicably healed from illness, saved from horrible circumstances and more from the energy of love.

I personally am exploring this because I want to get in on this action! I know that I have so very much love in my being to share and I do. But, I want to see just what can be created with love.

The Alchemy of Love

It is said that love can move mountains, make the world go 'round and make you happy. What is it makes love such a powerful force? Why is love so effective at mobilizing and motivating people over say, fear or anger or even determination?

I think that love is the most sought after of emotions to be experienced. Many people would deny this if they were asked outright, but I still believe this is true. Perhaps the pull of love is so strong because it is so fundamentally what we are as living beings. I like to think that we are all beings of love and of light. We come into being through the act of "love", and it is love that is first felt between a parent and child. Love is the motivation to have the child, and then to care for and nurture the child it is all about love. Yes, there are certainly many cases and circumstances when love, per se`, was not in the equation. But as a rule, it is love that brings us to being, and love that accompanies us as we leave the earthly plane.

In modern day culture, we often refer to love even in the realm of employment. It is suggested we work at something we love and we never work a day. Or to find what we love and the rest will follow.

Surely, it is more pleasant to put one's focus on love over say, acquiring an education in order to have a skill to get a job.

It is interesting to me how much energy is attached to love. The word love, but the act of love as well. As a Health Coach and avid writer I am always looking for information from like minded sources to share with my "tribe" or followers. I am finding that love is an essential part of much of the messages I peruse to share my philosophy of healthy life balance. Love just seems to be Omnipresent and powerful beyond so much else that I read. There is so much wonderful information to be gleaned and to be shared in order to make the world a healthier, happier place for us all. It is good to learn how to garden, how to have good gut health, what foods to eat, and which ones to avoid.

But, none of this is more important than the foundation of Love. It feels that if we have a solid foundation of love within ourselves, and for ourselves that we are well on the way to having a useful tool. Yes, I believe that love is a tool for making a healthy, balanced life. If we are to experience the wonder of creating positive change and growth through love we must first find it in ourselves.

What we focus on with intention we manifest

I am learning over time that one way to insure more love in my life is to first make sure that I have love for myself. And this is not just lip service, but a true appreciation for and kindness toward oneself borne of a real, abiding love.

It is only recently that I'm experiencing what true self love feels like. I have had a difficult time throughout much of my life feeling love for my self. It just hasn't come naturally to me, and thus I feel I've not been as successful in creating and sustaining love relationships around me.

But, I have started to experience something with self love that I had not thought possible. I realize that love generates a feeling, whether it's directed at self, or another. I know for example when I look at my precious infant granddaughter that the feeling I have is one of deep love. I actually physically feel a flutter in my chest and a warmth in my veins as love floods my system. It is this unconditional feeling of caring and protection that is pretty visceral.

I have felt this same type of love for my late husband, and both of my children and a few dear friends over the years.

I had never believed though, that I would ever feel this same visceral tug of affection when directed toward myself. But, that is exactly what I am experiencing! I am finding that I can see myself as loveable as anybody and have that same sense of concern and protection for myself.

I have to feel that by opening up to this love I am opening up my heart to the possibility of love beyond myself. It just makes sense that like anything else, the more we "practice" the better we will become. So, I am actively making self love a daily practice in my life. It is tempting to work on self love merely as a means of achieving love from elsewhere. But, I am learning that the rewards of self love in themselves are pretty big!

Consider a scenario surrounding your adult child, or a friend who is looking to you for advice. Say, they are considering participating in an activity that you are fearful will bring them pain, or harm. Because you love them, you are honest with them and share your fears. In doing so, they recognize your love for them and perhaps they reconsider this activity.

Well, it's no different with yourself. You perhaps are considering joining a group, but aren't sure if it's the right thing for you. So, you research, and ask questions to be sure that this is a safe option and one that won't cause you harm in any way. You do this because you love yourself and don't wish to have any negative outcome.

Or, perhaps you are not feeling very good about yourself. It is tempting to get into some negative self talk. Maybe you look in the mirror and say something like "You are a fat slob and nobody will ever love you". This is an extremely mean thing to say. Would you say that to your friend or your child? I am guessing you answered that no, you would not speak this way. But, you do it to yourself? It is not going to help you feel any better if you are mean to yourself; it actually is disempowering and will bring you further from your goal.

To truly love yourself is to have empathy, concern and compassion. These are all good skills to focus on and where better to practice than on yourself?

And, practice does make it easier over time to make a solid habit and foundation.

Love your self, love your life

So, I think maybe the Beatles had it right all along. "Love is all you need". From love you have intention and from intention you create action.

Surely, all the poets, singers, and lovers have known since the dawn of creation the powerful force of love.

I think that people who are looking to create a balanced life for themselves, do well to first examine what Love means to them. Make Love a priority in your personal arsenal of life. You can never have too much love. When life feels chaotic or hopeless, ponder love and think from this source about how things might feel better or more in control.

Love will not steer you wrong. If you act from a sense of love you will be doing the right thing. You can create a business, save lives, write books and songs, build houses, rescue animals.....just do it with love.

Love your life, love yourself and the rest will follow.


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      3 years ago

      A lot of food for thought. I find it easy to love others (those who are close to me in my life and family), but I find that I am my own worse critic. I see my faults, short comings and wonder how anyone would want to be around me. Loving ones self it truly and hard thing. Maybe someday......


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