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What is ADHD, Causes and best Treatment for ADHD

Updated on February 17, 2012

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder - An Overview

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a growing concern all over the world, in recent times. With changing environmental conditions and depleting healthy living standards, more and more children are being diagnosed with ADHD or ADD and parents are worried about their children. While this disorder can affect the educational growth of the children in an adverse manner, it is very essential for parents and school authorities to identify ADHD symptoms in children at the earliest and provide the best treatment for ADHD so that the child can blossom in life with ease.

What is ADHD?

ADHD, as commonly referred to, is a disorder in children who becomes inattentive or hyperactive or both at times. A child who is affected with ADHD or ADD lacks focus on what is being taught or instructed and finds it difficult to organize things or follow instructions. This syndrome not only affects toddlers and children but adults too. While most of the time these traits go unnoticed and the child is tagged as a dull candidate, identifying them at an earlier stage can be of a great help to the healthy growth of the child.

What are the major causes for ADHD?

While the exact reason for the cause of ADHD is not identified yet, there are several aspects which attribute to this disorder.


Studies have revealed that this disorder can pass on to children if the parents of relatives have it. Some people say that boys are more prone to this heredity inheritance than girls. However, this does not have authoritative information. Researchers have studies the behavioral trends of twins and came to conclusion that heredity plays an important role in transferring this disorder to the next generation.

Brain injury and other health hazards

Another important factor contributing to ADHD or ADD is an injury to the brain. This injury can be from an accident to the head or from a stroke. In addition, other health hazards can cause this disorder to some extent.

The role of toxic substances on brain

Exposure of toxic substances to your body and brain can have a greater negative impact. Intake of alcohol or nicotine during pregnancy can affect the brain of the child and contribute to this disorder.

How to identify ADHD symptoms in children?

It is very essential on the part of parents to identify these traits in their children so that effective treatment methods can be followed. Aspergers checklist, which contains all these traits, can be prepared and checked for those symptoms mentioned in that list.

Some of these symptoms include:

  • The child is inattentive and gets distracted very easily.
  • The child finds it difficult to focus on a single task.
  • Lack of social skills like mingling with other children and performing group activities in co-ordination with other children.
  • Very low memory power and inability to grasp things
  • Response rate can be longer

This is a small list and there are many other symptoms where in the child is differentiated from others.

Best Treatment for ADHD

Parents need to identify ADHD traits in children at an early stage and implement treatment methods to effectively combating this disorder. However, choosing the best treatment depends on the traits observed in the child and the intensity of them in the child.

There is medication available for this disorder which includes stimulates like retalin, metadate and non stimulants like atomoxetine. However, medication needs to be followed after consulting your family doctor.

Other treatments to be followed at home include behavioral therapies like setting up daily schedules for the child, make him organize things and reward him for the right tasks.


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