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What is Acupressure? Benefits of Acupressure treatment

Updated on August 8, 2017

Acupressure demonstration

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a traditional treatment developed thousands of years ago in China. Acupressure therapy involves application of pressure over specific points along the body. The points follow specific channels called Meridians- the same channels used in Acupuncture. There are 12 major meridians which connect specific organs or network of organs in the body. Activation of these points can release life energy or ‘Qi’ and promote relaxation. It can also heal various problems in the body and improve overall body function. Shiatsu is a Japanese technique of acupressure

Acupressure practitioners use their fingers to apply pressure to the acupoints on the meridians in the body. Massage is an important tool to stimulate the acupoints. It’s important to drink plenty of water after the massage to clear toxic substances from your body.

Benefits of Acupressure

Acupressure is used to treat various conditions. The main benefit of Acupressure is its preventive function against diseases. Regularly applying pressure on the acupoints on the feet and hand maintains health and prevents diseases.

Acupressure is mainly used to relieve pain. Apart from this, Acupressure can be used to treat various diseases and conditions like Allergies, Asthma, Cold, Diabetes, Bronchitis, Acute Sinusitis, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Gout, Rheumatic Fever, Meningitis, sexual dysfunction etc


Acupressure is very effective in treating diabetes. Pressure points for Diabetes are present at the palm, Wrist, knees and feet. Diabetes is closely connected to the digestive system and if the pressure points of digestive system are stimulated, diabetes can be controlled. Similarly, acupoints in the wrist are connected with the heart and stimulating these points can control diabetes as well.

Weight Loss

Acupressure is useful for weight loss as well. Acupressure points for weight loss control appetite and stimulate the digestive system as well. This in turn affects our food intake and metabolism levels. Pressure point for appetite lies near the ear. The other main pressure point for weight loss is situated in the abdomen, near the navel. This point directly controls the digestive system. It relieves constipation as well.


Studies have shown that Acupressure releases endorphins and promotes anti-inflammatory effect, thereby helping patients with arthritis.

Beauty treatment

Acupressure was also used as beauty treatment by the Chinese in the past, as it increases blood circulation and improves muscle tone. It is found to enhance the condition and texture of the skin.

Impotency cure

Acupressure is proven method to cure impotency and sexual weakness. It helps the immune system and increases energy flow.

Acupressure points B23 and B47, called as Sea of Vitality points are located in the lower back, about 2 fingers width from the spine at the level of your waist. Place your thumbs on these two points and press up and down for 2 minutes

Acupressure points in the body:

There are hundreds of acupressure points the body. Each point is associated with a particular organ. Stimulating multiple points work on a particular system of the body. For example, let’s take the immune system. There is an acupressure point called B36 which governs resistance to flu and cold. It is located near the shoulder blades. K3 is a point that lies inside of the ankle and acts on the kidney meridian, thereby strengthening the immune system.

Acupressure treatment for headache involves 4 points. Neck pain and Shoulder pain involves 5 points. Acupressure treatment for backache and knee pain involves 6 points

Important Acupressure points for controlling Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a common problem for most people today. Stress leads to other problems such as depression, insomnia etc or even serious illnesses such as Diabetes, hypertension or heart disease. Acupressure offers a great natural way to keep stress levels under check without pills or medication.

Below are some important acupressure points that help to calm down the body and bring down stress levels and anxiety. They also help in improving mental balance, memory and concentration and cure insomnia

K1 (Kidney)

K1 (Kidney)

This is located in the feet, about 1/3 rd length down your toes. Hold this pressure point for about a minute using your thumb, applying a steady pressure.

Repeat this on the other leg as well. You will get relief from anxiety and stress and would be able to get quality sleep. Do this about 30 minutes before you go to bed

GB10 (gall bladder)

GB10( Gall bladder)

Called Gates of the mind, this is located beneath the base of your skull on both sides of your head. Its extremely beneficial for stress related problems and insomnia.

Stimulate this point using both your thumbs for 2 minutes while you lay back in a relaxed position.

B10 (Heavenly pillar)

B10 (Heavenly Pillar)

Called as Heavenly pillar, this located beneath GB10. Stimulate this point using both your thumbs gently to achieve a harmonic, peaceful mood. Useful when done just before sleep.

This point also contributes to hormonal balance and benefits the thyroid gland.


Generally Acupressure is safe. If you have any serious problems such as Arthritis or heart disease, you must consult your doctor before starting therapy. Always ensure that the Acupressure practitioner is certified and licensed. Pregnant women and cancer patients whose cancer has spread to bones also need to avoid acupressure treatment.


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