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What is Good Medicine

Updated on August 1, 2016

What, Neurofibromatosis?

A good NF story

My name is Molly Johnson and though I do not currently have cancer, I have had many aggressive benign tumors. I am a survivor because I was born with a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis (NF). I know that I will continue to develop other various tumors throughout my life. I also know that because of this, I will always be at a high risk for cancer. Though it has not been easy, I feel that this genetic disorder has been a great blessing in disguise. NF not only has allowed me to beat the odds that some doctors have given me, but I have surpassed their expectations. Like any survivor, I have had a few setbacks. I have been in a 504 plan since Kindergarten. Even in pre-K I attended speech therapy and occupational therapy. After a lot of hard work, I graduated out of these services. Many times my doctor has referred to me as, “a miracle.” Today, only my closest friends know I am different. But again, who is normal? I will graduate June 4th, 2016 and attend Abilene Christian University to study world missions. I chose missions because I want to work alongside a nonprofit that teaches others to overcome anything life hands them.

What is good medicine? Quite simply it’s what helps you get better. Be it something a doctor prescribes, natural herbs or just plain faith that you are going to get better. For NF, there is not cure or current treatment. My mother has sat on the Department of Defense NF medical review board as a consumer reviewer for 3 years. This is where congressionally directed research funds are awarded for NF research. Last year they awarded 332 grants and been active since 1996. My mom also had the privilege of telling my story to the doctors so they understood what it is like to live with NF. Most research doctors never get to meet those they are trying to find a cure for. A consumer reviewer is also there to vote on which grant can have the most impact. Sadly again, today there is no effective treatment. So our family has to rely on prayer and good eating habits as a treatment for NF.

When I was about six or seven years old my parents took me in for brain surgery because of two new active tumors. I really don’t remember this, but my parents have told me this story many, many times. They tell me that God intervened and stopped this surgery, three different times. First, I was sent home because of a cold. Second, they sent me home because of a U.T.I. and third, because of a conflict in the doctor’s schedule. At this point another doctor asked that we, “just take one more scan — just to see.” And this time, the scan showed no tumors! They had disappeared. I know this is the reason my family and I did so much to help other NF families all my life. Sometimes I hear other NF moms still asking, “What kind of experimental treatment did Molly go through?” She just smiles and says, “It’s called prayer!” This year I was transferred out of the pediatric department at MD Anderson and my doctor still says he would never have believed that I had those two tumors, if he didn’t have the scans to prove it. I know God has always had his hand on my life. I continue to see it every day.

Doctors don’t like to hear the unexplainable. There’s no research that proves miracles happen because well, the unexplained is never documented. I recently watched a true-life movie called, “Miracles from Heaven.” In it a little girl named Annabel Beam had an incurable intestinal disorder and was dying. A 30 ft. fall from a tree in her backyard cured her. Who would believe a fatal accident would cure her for life? I love the ending of the movie that showed her true-life miracles, it was those who believed and surrounded her with love – daily!

My dream job would be to one-day work for a nonprofit that encourages the misfortunate and sick. I’d love to teach others that you don’t have to just survive hardship, but you can thrive. I know that sounds crazy but I’m living proof that no matter what life hands you, you can overcome your physical weaknesses through faith and joy. That same faith and joy can spread like wildfire to positively make a difference in this dying world we now live in today!

So yes our healthcare system today is broken. Its primary focus is on financial profit. Investing in miracles or those who encourage others has no financial gain. In fact financial gain can be lost if those who are sick get better on their own.

My challenge to all is just to never lose your faith. Faith not only in God but in others and faith in yourself.


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    • darrylcrawford profile image


      2 years ago from Philadelphia PA to Tucson AZ.

      God bless you for your article of faith and strength, it will encourage others to a strength they never knew. With blog articles like this you will go further than others (doubters) think because your faith is the true GOOD medicine. Laughter is also medicine and our words which line up with the word of God (which are good words, blessed words) is also GOOD medicine. Please check out my page and check out the links within which could be a greater blessing. God bless you and keep going strong. Keep believing with all your heart. I believe in you and God does too! God honors faith, because faith pleases GOD! :) FAITH is GOOD MEDICINE! :)


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