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What is Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Updated on December 1, 2012
Your body naturally produces HGH, but you can always use some more HGH
Your body naturally produces HGH, but you can always use some more HGH

There's some confusion surrounding growth hormone and its role in the human physiology. No, it's not steroids. Yes, it can thicken bones and build bigger muscles. And as with many supplements, when it comes to growth hormone, you're probably better off natural.

DNA StrandsGrowth hormone is a 181 amino acid protein-based peptide hormone. Often called human growth hormone, or HGH, it's responsible for cell growth and regeneration and governs a variety of attributes, including your:

  • height
  • hair color (and condition)
  • bone density
  • skin condition
  • lean muscle mass
  • sex drive

Growth hormone tends to peak in the early twenties, after which it steadily declines at roughly one per cent each year. It's not uncommon for a man of 50 to have 30% less HGH than he did at 25. Women too, experience a similar decline in growth hormone, though the rate of which may fluctuate among individuals.

HGH can help couples with better sex drive
HGH can help couples with better sex drive

HGH is Not Steroids

HGH has anabolic properties, meaning the ability to 'build up' body mass. For this reason, synthetic HGH injections have been used in sport competition, albeit on an illegal basis. Is HGH steroids though? Nope. They're totally different.

Steroids are a class of drugs that mimic the effects of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. These drugs increase muscle mass and strength. They're legal only with a doctor's prescription when used to treat medical conditions related to lack of testosterone. Beyond that, they're illegal, though they're sometimes used by athletes between ten to hundred times recommended dosage.

HGH injections are synthetic growth hormone. These are drugs, and they have anabolic and performance-enhancing properties. The cosmetic benefits are dramatic as well; HGH injections, like somatropin, can reduce wrinkles, thicken bones, and make patients look about 20 years younger.

The downside to synthetic HGH injections? Hormones are powerful stuff. And synthetic growth hormone is legal only when used to treat growth hormone deficiency. Costs can eclipse $30,000 per year and are linked to side effects, including nausea, abnormal bone growth, joint stiffness and more.

Fortunately, there's another way to enjoy the benefits of HGH without injections or the costs – both financial and physical – associated with them.

An HGH Releaser Stimulates Natural Growth Hormone

An HGH releaser is a dietary supplement formulated with herbals and amino acids that gently encourage the anterior pituitary gland to 'release' HGH naturally. There is no synthetic HGH in the formula. And unlike HGH injections, it comes with no reported side effects.

You should also consider that an HGH releaser stimulates natural growth hormone; this is your own growth hormone, not HGH concocted in a laboratory. That's certainly safer, and as studies show, very effective.

Choose an HGH releaser made in the United States and ideally at a cGMP compliant facility. This reduces the chance of contamination among the ingredients used. The manufacturer should guarantee the purity of its raw materials and vouch for them with a Certificate of Analysis.

Some supplements can help your body to release more HGH
Some supplements can help your body to release more HGH

Three Good HGH Releasers

GenF20 Plus System – In a recent clinical study, researchers found that GenF20 Plus stimulated a 28% increase in HGH levels after just 12 weeks. This is one of the few HGH releasers to have both clinical studies and doctor endorsement. Put another way, if you're in the market for arguably the best HGH releaser, start here.

Provacyl – This is specifically designed for the estimated 30 million American men with gradual decline of both HGH and testosterone – a double gut punch better known as andropause.

GenFX – Another top-rated HGH releaser, GenFX is doctor-approved and comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee during which you can try the product to determine if it's a good fit.

Remember, an HGH releaser is a completely natural product. This is not synthetic HGH. Rather, it's made of herbals and amino acids that stimulate your own growth hormone production, for younger skin, more energy, a slimmer figure and feelings of well-being that have many folks smiling.


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