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What is Honey? 10 Interesting Facts about Honey

Updated on July 21, 2017
Honey in Honeycomb
Honey in Honeycomb | Source

What Is Honey?

Honey is a golden fluid, which is used as a sweetener and flavoring option to white sugar. The healing property of honey makes it useful in the treatment of various ailments. The nutritional benefits of honey raise its consumption in various foods and beverages. There are several grades and types of honey are available to buy in the market. Flavor and type of Honey depends on the nectar source that a bee visited. From Manuka honey to clover honey, a wide variety of honey exists with their own health benefits. Here are some interesting facts about honey, you might be interested to know:

Interesting Facts about Honey

  • Light-colored honey is milder in taste compared to dark-colored honey, which is stronger in taste.
  • A fact about honey, which every consumer should be aware is that Honey should not be stored in metal containers for the reason that the acids in the honey possibly can promote oxidation of the metal container.
  • Honey should be preserved in wooden, ceramic, glass or plastic material container.
  • Bees blend honey naturally by combining the pollens from many different flowers in areas where no one flower predominates.
  • Sometimes Honey is blended during packing to create a particular taste and flavor.
  • The color of honey varies from colorless to dark brown, and its flavor ranges from mild to particularly bold, which depends on where the honey bees visited.
  • Honey is produced in most countries around the world. The type and flavor depends on floral source location.
  • There are three types of bee in a nest or hive: one female queen bee, several numbers of male bees, and female worker bees.
  • The worker bees gather the nectar that later convert into honey in the hive. Female worker bees assemble sugar-rich flower nectar and get back to the hive. Male bees in hive are to fertilize queen bees. This is an interesting fact about honey that you might not know.
  • The thickness of honey increases as temperature decreases. Honey will not freeze solid even at very low temperature.

Types of Honey

Following are some most common types and variety of Honey.

Clover Honey

Clover honey is thick, mild in taste and has antibacterial properties. TheUnited States,New Zealand, andCanadaextensively produce clover honey. Pure Clover honey is pale amber to white in color, with a subtle flavor.

Alfalfa honey

Alfalfa honey is light in color and produced expansively throughout Canadaand the United States. Alfalfa honey comes with a mild flavor and aroma, which is very pleasant.

Avocado honey

Avocado honey is dark in color. This variety of honey is produced inCaliforniaavocado blossoms. Avocado honey has a rich, creamy, buttery taste.

Blueberry Honey

Blueberry honey is mainly produced in New England andMichigan. The nectar of blueberry bush makes blueberry honey light amber in color and strong in flavor.

Eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey is one of the stronger flavored honey, which is produced inCalifornia. It is used for mild cough and cold

Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat honey is a dark honey with a higher level of minerals. This kind of honey contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Buckwheat honey is available in health food section of any grocery store.

Wildflower Honey

Wildflower Honey is known for its numerous medicinal benefits. The taste of wildflower honey depends on the variety of wildflowers available to bees.

Fire weed honey

The flavor firewood honey is like a summer pear. This variety of honey comes from a perennial herb, which cultivates in open woods. It is light in color and mouth watering.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is dark in color and mostly gathered inNew Zealand. Manuka Honey is well known for its antibacterial and healing properties. It is widely used and consumed because of its health benefits.

Natural honey is a rich source of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, and minerals. The quality of honey depends on a number of factors. Various types of honey have different health benefits. In fact, nutritional benefits of honey made it a significant ingredient of Ayurvedic medicines.


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    • neelu sinha profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Hello Neha.

      I have seen so many times that when we bring honey at home we use to store it in refrigerators and after sometime it gets freeze and some sugar type solid grains deposited at the bottom of the bottle. I am talking about the branded honey like Dabour. That means it is not pure as it freezes.

    • Admiral_Joraxx profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines

      WOW! you have done a great work about honey Neha. I did not know there were a lot of varieties of it. So I can buy honey by flavor of my choice. As far as i know there is only 1 kind of honey sold in our locality. Thanks for sharing this information. i voted 1 up and useful for this. =)


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