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What is Nausea why do people get it and how do to deal with it.

Updated on May 24, 2017
This can help with Nausea too
This can help with Nausea too

What is Nausea why do people get it and how to deal with it?

what is Nausea? You might think that is a weird question to be asking but, some people don't know what it is when you call it that. Nausea is when your stomach feels all sore and like they are turning in all different directions, which makes you feel horrible. Depending on who you are and what makes you feel nauseous it can be a limitless cycle. Everyone's body is different.

Being Nauseous and feeling that way can be limitless depending on how sick you are. When you feel nauseous, what goes through your head? Is this going to have a limitless effect, and last a few days? Is it the I am not feeling good feeling? The question is, though, Why do people get Nauseous and how do they deal with it? People get nauseous when their bodies can’t handle what they have in them for any longer, and they need to get rid of it. Our body’s automatic response to this is to be nauseous. The definition is a feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit, sickness, biliousness, queasiness; vomiting, retching, gagging; upset stomach; travel sickness, seasickness, carsickness, airsickness" symptoms include nausea and headaches".

But why do people get it? Nobody likes to be sick, or feel nauseous because that means that they can’t do what they would normally do in a day. When you just don’t want to do anything, because you feel sick and every slight movement could cause you to be sick and most of the time you would much rather not. People get sick because their bodies have something in them that they don't like.

When people get nauseous they deal with it in many different ways, some people eat crackers and drink water, and others just drink tea or water. Some have chicken soup, water, ginger ale or just ginger of some kind with crackers it depends on what you like and how sick you are feeling at the time. To get rid of the nauseous feeling some people will drink ginger tea or ginger ale just to take the edge off and eventually it will go away. Eating toast when you feel nauseous is good too, but the toast has to be dry. Why do people get nauseous?

People get nauseous because some foods or things that you do might not agree with your body and your body’s automatic reaction is to get sick in some way to get rid of what is in your body that your body doesn’t like.

Nausea happens when your body wants to clean itself out, although people don’t like when it happens because they feel disgusting. That is what your body does to keep it running in tip-top shape. Sometimes you don’t actually get sick when you are nauseous though you just feel disgusting and that is when you try to do little to nothing so that you don’t get sick. Who likes being sick?


People get nauseous because their bodies just can’t handle things. Which happens not only to people but to animals too, if your body doesn’t like something its automatic response is to get it out. So why do people get nauseous?

Ways to deal with nausea could be: Getting lots of rest and fluids. For the most part, you are probably run down and your body is trying to fight something you didn’t even know you had. The easy answer to the question "why do people get nauseous"? Is there body wants to clean itself out. Getting Nauseous is the only way that the body knows how to deal with it, even though we don’t like it in the slightest am I right?

I hope this post helps you understand why and how people can become nauseous everyone needs to know these things and that is what this hub is all about. Although everyone deals with it in a different way because not everything works the same for everyone, so do what works for you when it comes to Nausea. We also get it from different things, it just depends on our immune systems.

If you have ginger tea instead of ginger ale why not give that a try it will work the same way
If you have ginger tea instead of ginger ale why not give that a try it will work the same way

How to prevent Nausea in a Limitless Way

Sure I listed a few things that can be used to deal with Nausea but everyone has their own way of dealing with it. What is yours? Also, think of what caused it maybe you can prevent it in some way and why wouldn't anyone like that? Always remember that we can prevent Nausea but we can't always prevent it, when it happens it happens for a reason because our bodies don't like what we are doing to them, so be careful because your body knows best.

A way to prevent nausea is to eat healthily and take your vitamins, the healthier you are the less sick you will be. So if you don't want to get sick stay healthy, exercise, eat right take vitamins that type of thing. However, we all get sick at least once a year it is just common for everyone to get sick or feel nauseous. However, we have to remember that there are limitless ways in order to deal with nausea. The reaosn why is because we are all different and we all do different things to take care of our bodies. Not everything works the same for everyone when it comes to dealing with nausea.

People can get nauseous over a limitless number of things. Most of the time they don't even know what made them that way but they stop eating it or drinking it anyway so it doesn't get worse. The same goes with the way they deal with it, everyone has their own little quriks when it comes to dealing with nausea so that they can get rid of it as quick as possible.

Nausea is something that can up limitlessly and unexpectedly nobody really know why or how it happens, it just does. But there is always ways to deal with it and those ways, for the most part, are limitless. Since there is never just one way to deal with anything.

What is Nausea and how do you deal with it

How do you deal with Nausea?

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Listen to your body when you feel Nauseous

Nausea can be dealt with by drinking clear liquids or eating crackers, and soups. It can be dealt with by getting lots of rest, that type of thing. Most of the time though if you are nauseous you are also achy too which means you should be getting lots of rest. If you get limitless amounts of rest and drink clear liquids if you can get them down then you will be as good as new. The Big thing is listening to your body though if you feel nauseous and you just want to lay down then do it. Your body is telling you that you need rest and without you won't feel good for a long time. At least that is what happens to me, so I listen to my body when I am not feeling good and rest when I need too.

What do you do when you feel nauseous? How do you deal with it

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