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What is Secret Law of Attraction and Using it to Attract Wealth and Love?

Updated on June 10, 2012

The Law of Attraction—the law that states that our thoughts and feelings manifest our circumstances, and that we attract to ourselves what we concentrate our thoughts on—has existed since the existence of the Universe, but has recently acquired great attention due to the motivational movie “The Secret”, Oprah, and other mass media outlets. Using this law of attraction, you can achieve anything in your life what you desire. With this law, you can attract money,love and happiness if practiced in a right way. In this hub I will explain how you can use this law in the best way to attract love and money in your life.


  • Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting.
  • We are like magnets - like attract like. You become AND attract what
    you think.
  • You attract your dominant thoughts.
  • Choose your thoughts carefully .. you are a masterpiece of your life.

What is Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction simply states that what we think about more with concentration, it is attracted towards us in our life. It is scientifically proved that our thoughts wave out frequencies that are captured by the Universe and thus the process of manifestation is triggered. If you are having a bad day, you must have been thinking about having such a day. If you met an old friend today unexpectedly, you must have thought about him. So you are using the Law of Attraction each and every second of your life. It is always in at work whether we know it or not. None of our circumstances happen haphazardly rather they are the result of state of our mind and our attitudes.

  • ”Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.”

Shakti Gawain

  • "Decide what you want .. believe you can have it, believe you deserve
    it ,believe it's possible for you"

Using this Law

Using the Law of Attraction is not a typical process that needs a lot of practice or schedule. You can implement this law in a positive direction with the help of your optimistic thoughts and mindset. This law, in a short and simple way consists of three steps: Ask,feel and believe.


The process of asking requires you to bring up all of your desires in your mind. The money, relationships or anything you want to achieve in your life, bring it in your mind. The Universe cannot correspond to you until you do not give it a clear message in the form of your desires. So think about all the things you wish to have.


The next step is to feel. This is the most important part of the Law of Attraction as it ignites the process of manifestation. Once you have made a list of all of your desires, you have to start feeling like you have 'em already in your life. Feel like you have millions of dollars in your bank account. Feel the happiness when you have the relationships that you wished to have. So you have to behave and think like you have the things you desired. This feeling of having boosts the Universe and it is motivated to bestow you with more of these things.


The last step in the process of the Law of Attraction is Believe...! Whenever you wish for anything, never ever bring the resources and current circumstances in your mind. If you are asking for money, don't think where will this money come from. When you have a crush on someone and wish to have him/her with you, never bother about the circumstances. You just need to forget the word "How?"... Your job is only to Ask and Feel.... Fulfilling your demands is the domain of the Universe. It is the job of the Universe to arrange the circumstances in a way to complete your wishes. There is abundance of everything in this Universe. So never try to limit your desires. Asking for money? then ask for billions, asking for a beautiful girl, ask for Avril Lavigne.. but don't make a mistake to doubt the capabilities of the Law of Attraction and thus the Universe.

How to Attract Money?

once you have understood how to use the Law of Attraction, then using it to attract money into your life is quite an easy job. The process is same as described above, only you have to replace your desire with money.

Ask for Money.... Think how much money you want to have in your life. Think it with concentration in a relaxed state. Make up a list of things for which you need money and finalize it in your thoughts.

Feel this Money.... After you have built up the amount of money you want, now is the time to bring that money into your life. Start to feel like you have that much money into your pocket or bank account. Feel the happiness when you have this much wealth in your life. This extreme felling of joy will trigger the process of manifestation and your desires will enter the final domain that is manifestation. Remember not to limit your thoughts!!

Believe the Universe.... While wishing for the money, don't limit your thoughts and have faith in the Universe. Thinking about "Hows" will weaken the process of manifestation and the Law of Attraction won't work for you and you will get nothing but frustration. Ask for a billion of dollars and leave it to the Universe to bring it to you.

How to Attract Love?

The same practice with money replaced by love. Have a clear thought in your mind about your love. What type of relation you want to have with him/her and etc.

Ask for it... Think about your love and your relation that you want to have with him/her. If you plan to have a good family, think about marriage and kids and the life after it. Think how want to live with your love.

Feel this Love... Have the exciting feeling of having your love with you all the time. Feel to touch him/her or even kiss him/her. This will trigger the nature of your thoughts and the Universe will arrange the circumstances for you to meet your love.

Believe your Love.. Do not try to doubt your love. If you love him/her, then there is no question about having to worry about your meeting with your love. The Universe will arrange it for you. Think big and the circumstances will follow your wishes and thoughts.

How Much Time will it Take?

Yeah this is the question many people ask before using this whole process. There is no prominent answer to this question but as far as I have researched, the manifestation time depends upon your behavior and the nature of your thoughts (positive or negative). Bob Proctor who is a star in the movie "The Secret" says that there are actually 11 Laws that are at work during this whole process and we have to direct these 11 laws in a positive direction to boost the process of manifestation. These 11 Forgotten Laws have been publicized recently and thousands of people who were felling desperate after using The Laws of Attraction changed their lives within days and some even hours. I have a detailed article on these 11 forgotten laws in my lens where I have discussed each of these laws in detail so that any one can benefit from them and change his life in hours.

The 11 Forgotten Laws Introduction

Do You Think You Know the Law of Attraction?

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    • titi6601 profile image

      titi6601 5 years ago

      Great article! Very informative.

    • HudsonMohawkPress profile image

      HudsonMohawkPress 5 years ago from Latham, NY

      The movie “The Secret” was a good introduction to the basics of the Law of Attraction but it downplayed the hard work that is needed to make things happen. Thinking or affirming things into being is not really how it works. But change is possible if the Law of Attraction is combined with action. It is amazing what can happen with focus and persistence. I continue to be impressed by the power of the universal message of the “New Thought” teachers of the last 100 years, and the relevance of their ideas today. I always go back to William Walker Atkinson’s book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World” when I need an explanation of how the Law of Attraction REALLY works. Check out the new updated gender neutral edition at