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What is Shakeology? The healthiest meal of the day!

Updated on August 18, 2011

What is Shakeology

That's right everyone! Shakeology is the healthiest meal of the day! It is basically a health shake/drink that you can drink before or after workouts and even at any time of the day. And the best part is that it can completely replace a meal, giving you a much smaller chance of "just settling" for unhealthy meals like fast food, etc. But the fact that it's the healthiest meal of the day doesn't mean that it's food. As you can tell from the word Shakeology, it's actually a drink. So yes, you do drink it :).

But I can see you telling yourself right now, "O ya, sure. It's just like any other drink out there. There's nothing special about it" But wait! Let me tell you why it IS the healthiest meal of the day! It's not because it's got some good minerals, or because it has a good amount of protein, or solely because it is a low carb drink.

Shakeology is the healthiest meal of the day because it has over 70 different all natural ingredients from all over the world, all collaborating to make a drink that is very rich and very high in Proteins, Amino Acids, Prebiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, and 23 Vitamins and Minerals! Woah! You can't look at that and tell me that that's not a lot! But what does all that mean in normal people terms? I'm going to tell you how I came to understand it.


They have a lot more information about Shakeology.

So what do all those scientific terms help?

Shakeology: Healthiest Meal of the Day: Benefits of Shakeology, its Ingredients, and how they improve overall health.

  1. Protein - It's basically what makes up your muscles, bones, blood, skin, blood, and other body parts. It's not too hard to get protein, but it is still critical to have at least a little in your diet, seeing that your body is (excluding water) mostly made up of it.
  2. Amino Acids - These are basically the building blocks of proteins, and they are used for all the "action" in the body. I like to think of them as the workers of the body because they do crucial jobs like repairing tissue, creating antibodies, carrying oxygen through the blood to the rest of the body, and other complicated tasks that are hard to explain.
  3. Prebiotics - This ingredient is very good for digestion. That is because they are a non-digestable food. Why is that good you ask? Because it makes it all the way to the intestines unaffected, it causes something called the prebiotic effect. Basically, it ends up with healthy bacteria working to defend better against pathogens (they cause infections and disease).
  4. Probiotics (Digestive Enzymes) - Probiotics are different from Prebiotics in a number of ways. They both make it past the digestive system to the intestines, but probiotics serve a different purpose. Although they do create healthy bacteria in the intestines and help promote digestion and the immune system like prebiotics do, they help support the intestinal flora (organisms that help digestion). But all you really need to know is that these two help digestion and the immune system.
  5. Antioxidants - Shakeology, the healthiest meal of the day, includes many antioxidants because they help to destroy molecules (called free radicals) that destroy cells and hinder the aging process. In other words, having more antioxidants will help with the aging process.
  6. Phytonutrients - Shakeology has the phytonutrients flavonoids, polyphenals, anthocyanins, and catechins. That's still jibberish though :/ As for how they help you; they have been proven in many lab tests that they are helpful for preventing degenerative conditions.
  7. 23 Vitamins and Minerals - These are in almost all foods nowadays, even though there is a significantly smaller percentage per food item in America because of all our preservatives, etc. Everyone needs to have certain minerals each day. But since people don't get the required amount of vitamins and minerals that they need each day, Shakeology is a good alternative to searching and searching for those elusive healthy foods.

And if you're wondering, I researched all this info on .edu, .org, or .gov sites and put down what I got out of it.

Video - Shakeology Nutrition Simplified

Video - What Doctors are saying about Shakeology

Cool, but really, WHAT IS IT??

Shakeology is a health/workout/weight loss drink that is sold by Team Beachbody. Team Beachbody, for those who don't know, is basically (as I like to think of it) the brand name that sells all of those famous workout programs like P90X, Chalean Extreme, Hip Hop Abs, (literally hundreds more), tons of vitamins and supplements, and even their longest continuity product, which just so happens to be - You guessed it! Shakeology!

And for Shakeology to last as long as it has and to have as many success stories as it has, it's got to be effective, and it's got to taste good. I can personally testify to this because I use it myself and I think it tastes amazing! I have never been a huge fan of chocolate (weird, I know), so I use the greenberry flavor and I love it!

I'm not going to lie, it's sometimes a hassle pulling out the blender and washing it all the time, and that's probably the only reason I don't drink it every day, but I always feel so much better when I do take the 2-3 minutes to make it. Personally, I feel good because I know I'm drinking something extremely healthy, and it usually leads to me making more healthy decisions like saying no to icecream or something like that.

Also, I just plain feel better after I drink it. I swear I have some sleep disease because I can fall asleep literally anywhere and in any position. I've fallen asleep on the stairs (as I was walking up), upside down hanging off of a couch, half standing up with my knees locked, and I've even slept for 15 hours straight one time. But whenever I'm done drinking Shakeology, I always feel energized and ready to get things done. The effects may be different for different people, but I promise you that it will have a positive effect on you some way or another.

Literally the only bad thing that I think could come from it is a brain freeze because it's too cold or you might swallow too much and start coughing! Haha seriously though, this stuff is awesome! And before you make a judgement on the price, put a value on your health and the ability for you to get all of those ingredients for a reasonable price, every day! As opposed to Shakeology, which costs around 3$ per drink, the same amount of ingredients (obtained in other normal foods) would costs close to 40$. If you don't believe me, check out the video below.

Video - Why and How to get it

Well How do I get some?

The best place to get some is online at the Team Beachbody website. But WAIT! There are a few things you should know before you buy. First of all, if you have ANY questions at all about it, feel completely free to email me. I am an Independent Team Beachbody coach and would absolutely love to help you out! My email is on my profile page. Click HERE to go to it.

But if you don't have any questions and just want to go directly to the website, click HERE. As you checkout, you will have the option to do something called Home Direct. This is really great because Team Beachbody will automatically send you new shipments of Shakeology each month. Not only is this easy for you, but it will also serve as a motivator to keep drinking Shakeology every day, which will in turn lead to an overall better health!

Once again, if you have any questions at all, I would be more than happy to answer them for you! Also, if you don't think Shakeology is the thing for you, but you have a friend who is struggling with weight or health issues, tell them to email me and I would love to help them reach their goals and dreams!! :)

You'll Save $840 a year by buying Shakeology! How? It replaces meals!
You'll Save $840 a year by buying Shakeology! How? It replaces meals!

Is it even worth the money??

Think about this. Because it is a Meal Replacement drink, you're going to be taking away one meal a day with this. Even if you only use it on weekdays, that comes up to around 20-24 days a month where you will have one less meal. And the average price of a meal, assuming you're getting a combo, costs around $10. But let's be conservative and say that it's around $8. And because one of this shipment option includes 24 single packet servings a month (Home Direct), we'll say that you don't have to eat lunch for 24 days. So that means that you're saving, on average, around $192 if you skip lunch 24 days a month. But that is also assuming that you are going to try Shakeology for a month or so. But a one month supply of Shakeology costs $119.95. So that means you're saving around $70 a month and $840 a year on lunch meals!

But even if you only spend $5 on each meal (you're a bargain eater) and you use Shakeology 24 times a month, you won't be spending any more money than you are right now! That's because it's a filling meal replacement drink. Healthy Shakeology = $120, Other Cheap Lunches = $5 x 24 = $120. You are really going to be making a smart choice (financially speaking) by buying Shakeology because it has many ingredients and nutrients that much of our food has lost in the American preservative/mass production process/industry.

So is it worth it?? Well if you want to be healthy - then Yes! And if you want to potentially save a lot of money each month and year - Yes!! If you want to change your lifestyle or just lose wieght - Yes!!! If you want to see what is the highest weight and girth that you can possibly achieve - Definitely Not! :)

So once again - Don't Forget! When you buy Shakeology, you're actually saving money! It just doesn't seem like it because you have to pay for the whole month in advance.

So what about that taste?

Actually, this is the one thing that I'm not totally crazy about, which kinda stinks. It doesn't taste terrible, but it's definitely not good by any means. (By the way, I've only used the Greenberry flavor). To be honest, it tastes like grass. That's both good and bad. It's good because you can tell that it's healthy, but it's also bad because it's hard to drink.

The good thing is that you only add a cup of water to it, so it's not that much liquid to actually drink. It's kinda like one really big wheat grass shot. And I don't recommend adding fruits and vegetables to it because it just makes a lot more liquid to drink. And as for changing the taste with those fruits and vegetables, it basically just makes it taste good when you first sip it, but the after-taste keeps getting worse and worse the more you add/drink. But you can still try it, I just didn't see any good from it.

How do I get Shakeology?

If you want to try some out, all you have to do is email me at chasemillis@ beachbodycoach. com. (There are no spaces in the above email address, I add them in order to semi-protect my email). I will respond in the next day or so and will be more than willing to help set you up.

When you order, you can get a month supply in either a bag (30 servings) or 24 individual packets. So if you want me to help guide you through the process and help answer any of your questions, then just make sure you put Chase Millis as the coach who referred you.

PS - Chocolate is better than Greenberry.

Last but not least

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Thank you so much for reading!! I really hope that this helps someone and that I can help someone achieve their fitness goals through this!

Things to Remember

  • What is Shakeology? It is a meal replacement drink, and it's the healthiest meal of the day
  • Why should you get Shakeology? It is filled with tons of healthy ingredients that are hard to find in other foods
  • What does Shakeology improve? Overall Health
  • Where to get Shakeology? the HERE link above
  • How to get Shakeology? Single order or HOME DIRECT
  • Other choices given: Flavor - Chocolate Shakeology or Greenberry Shakeology, servings - single packets or one big one with a scooper.

Independent Team Beachbody Coach Chase Millis


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