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What is "Sweetmyx"?

Updated on August 6, 2014

Most of us have sweet tooth. We love eating sweets such as chocolates and candies. Research has proven that most food companies trick our brain by consuming sweets more than we should. But did you know that there is a chemical found in most foods and beverages that make us addicted to sweets? It is called "sweetmyx". We don't know this chemical just yet, but consumers have ingested it a couple of times. Sweetmyx is an addictive ingredient hiding in our food. It is better known as a sweet taste modifier. It promises sweet flavors in our beverages with fewer calories. Health experts are sounding the alarm on sweetmyx because some of them think that it is an artificial flavoring on food.

Some companies are cleared to use this product. They are PepsiCo and Senomyx. But the question is, are they safe? Bruce Bradley, a food expert appeared on the Doctor. Oz show and came clean about sweetmyx. Bradley said that he doesn't know if sweetmyx is safe because there is not a lot of information given about the product. Doctor Oz said that he did his research about the product, but couldn't find evidences if sweetmyx is safe to use because minimal amount of research has been given. The FDA hasn't even tested the product. Most people do not know that the food companies hired industry sponsored associations and panels to test their products. The FDA has issued a statement saying that "under the current law, a company can and in the distance did, independently determine that an ingredient is GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) for particular use without notifying the FDA." Sweetmyx and PepsiCo also released a statement regarding this issue. They said that "it is safe and was determined based on scientific data provided by Senomyx to an independent panel of experts."

According to Dr. Oz, huge amounts of investments are placed on testing a person's tongue and understanding how food can be "craveable". This is how the experiment works. The tongue is made up of taste buds. Food scientists are looking for sweet taste buds. They call it mapping your tongue to concoct different chemical combinations to test on your tongue. It's like a game of ping pong where they taste chemicals on your tongue and once they hit the sweet spot, it enters your brain to train the consumer to taste more sweets. Synomyx calls "sweetmyx" S-617. They work by exciting your taste buds.

PepsiCo has tied up with Synomyx to introduce sweetmyx to their products such as sodas, sports drinks, and juices. The second largest company has introduced sweetmyx into their food, alcohol, muffins, donuts, and cookies. Reading food labels wouldn't be helpful because not enough information has been given about the chemical and food companies are trying hard to hide this ingredient in their food labels. They won't say sweetmyx on their labels. Instead they will hide under general terms such as artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and sweet blend.

Only a few people know about sweetmyx. It is good that we are introduced to this term as early as now to avoid consuming foods that are rich in artificial sweeteners. Most dieticians and food experts would recommend to use honey, stevia, and maple syrup to sweeten their products. It is advised to pick natural and healthier alternatives to avoid health disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure. We should all be on the lookout for sweetmyx.


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