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What is Weight Watchers ActiveLink?

Updated on October 5, 2013

What Does the Weight Watchers ActiveLink Look Like?

The ActiveLink, pictured here, is a small device that you wear and it measures your total physical activity throughout the day.
The ActiveLink, pictured here, is a small device that you wear and it measures your total physical activity throughout the day. | Source

What do you get with the Weight Watchers ActiveLink device?

What Does the Weight Watchers ActiveLink Device Do?

The Weight Watchers ActiveLink is a tiny electronic device that is worn on the body all day, every day, in order to monitor an individuals physical activity level. The device has a tri-axial accelerometer inside which measures activity in three different directions...up and down, side to side, and diagnonally. Using these precision measurement devices, the ActiveLink can determine how many Weight Watchers PointsPlus values you are using each day and credit your food plan with the appropriate number of Points.

How do you use the Weight Watchers ActiveLink Activity Monitor?

Using the Weight Watchers ActiveLink activity monitor is easy. Just put the ActiveLink device in your pocket, or use the included clip to clip it on your belt, necklace or bra throughout the day. The monitor uses special motion sensors which allow the ActiveLink device to record your exact amount of physical movement. Using this information, the Active Link can translate all of your physical movement into Activity PointsPlus values for the day, which can be swapped for food points on your Weight Watchers weight loss plan.

What Do I Need to Do to Obtain my Physical Activity Information from the Weight Watchers ActiveLink Device?

In order to gather and view the data your ActiveLink device has collected, you will need to first download a special piece of ActiveLink software to your computer. Once you have downloaded the software from the website, all you need to do is connect the ActiveLink device to your PC or Mac, and all of the information about your physical activity level will automatically sync to the Weight Watchers ActiveLink website.

From the website, you will be able to view information on the number of Activity PointsPlus values you have earned for the day, in addition to detailed graphs and statistics about your exact activity levels at specific times throughout the day.

What is the Activity Base Line?

Weight Watchers assumes that you will hit a certain activity each level each day. They calculate this into their food consumption formula. You have to burn a certain number of calories each day in order to begin earning activity PointsPlus values. More information can be found here.

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