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What is Your Opinion About the Morning After Pill?

Updated on June 4, 2013

What do you think about the Morning After Pill? Do you think women should have access to this type of drugs? I strongly believe that women definitely should have access the Plan B. No matter how religious your are about using birth control, those methods can fail sometimes and if you are not ready to be pregnant, it is better to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Now I know some religious groups call it the abortion pill and of course they happen to be against it for that reason. First of all, Plan B is not an abortion pill because no child has been conceived at the time the pill is taken. So plan B is definitely a part of the birth control category.

Even if Plan B was an abortion pill, women should have a right to abortion and therefore should have a right to the pill. I think all women no matter the age should have free access to Plan B at the pharmacy. It should be sold along with other birth control methods like condoms. We should not have to wait to go to the doctor to get a prescription for it. I also think that other prescription medications should be readily available without doctor approval. Doctors have too much control over our health right now. If we cause harm to ourselves, that will be on us. However, we should be given access.

Plan B should not be used in place of normal birth control and should not be abused either. Changing the natural ovulation cycle cannot possibly be good for a woman's body especially if she is younger. With any hormonal birth control you always run the risk of having problems getting pregnant after using it so if you can stick to condoms, you probably should. Also, having sex is a huge responsibility so it is best that you are with the right person and someone who can take care of you in case you do get pregnant.


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