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What is a Carbon Isotope?

Updated on April 18, 2013

Carbon Isotope

leaf with droplets
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Carbon Isotope?

What are Carbon Isotopes?

So what are carbon isotopes? And what does it mean to me? Carbon isotopes are the carbon footprints we leave behind as far as what becomes of the decomposing body. Carbon isotopes are a way to identify and differentiate atoms in living organisms. For example, the living organism can be minerals and organisms that are associated with the environment I lived and died, and was buried in. A scientist would be able to make this distinction of what is my carbon footprint. The dirt or soil and organisms in and around where I am buried, are able to give this information if I were buried that is. For those buried at sea or in ashes neither is it as easily detectable or differentiated nor could be unidentifiable.

Whether or not someone really wants a total specht on how you lived and died and what your DNA and carbon isotope is otherwise known as your carbon footprint; it can tell them the composition in the neurons, protons, and electrons left in the body, sediment or soil of the buried. We become carbon footprints and our legacy will last forever.

This information is stored in the nucleus of the atoms that the soil and carbon footprint left.

It could tell a person what you ate, how and where you lived for a period of years, the age of which you died, and the dates you existed. DNA on the other hand could be extracted from the bone, tissue, blood, or muscle left behind once you have passed away.

Hydrogen is one of the most prominent elements that could be found in the carbon footprint. The atomic reference or number is derived from the periodic table of the elements and it also can give the amount of protons in the isotope once established (

It is really funny how the environment and its many wonders can also be called upon to find out how many carbon isotopes there are in the earth. Well Just how many would you say?

The carbon that could be found on earth is many and they are constant meaning there is no end of carbon footprints. There are several types and carbon could be found in precious stones like diamonds and in some cases graphite.

The earth is a bounty of this element because the universe is composed and leaves footprints of the elements of hydrogen, helium and oxygen gases. The most common in all forms of life is carbon.

Earth and some of the rock can be dated by using and employing carbon footprint dating. It is the most flexible and bonding element that can produce bonds in a number of compounds including and not limited to living organisms, plants, animals, and fungi (.

Volume 1, Issue 37, April 18, 2013

How many carbon isotopes on earth?

How many carbon isotopes on earth?

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