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What is a Healing Pathworking?

Updated on April 11, 2013
The Traveling Path
The Traveling Path

A Pathworking is...

A pathworking is a form of meditation that is usually guided by another individual. The idea is to use guided imagery to take someone into the deep recesses of their mind and subconscious to learn more about themselves and also to connect with Higher Beings.

A Pathworking does not have to be guided by another individual; your subconscious is capable of communicating to you what you need to learn by leading with images.

Think about times when you’ve closed your eyes and after a moment or two images begin to flash across the screen of your mind. Sometimes they are in color, sometimes in black and white and sometimes they are formed by the colors swirling in your eyes.


Example and Exercise

Take a look at the picture above. Do you remember seeing an image in your mind’s eye that looked similar? It may not have been an owl, perhaps it was a candle or a symbol. What did you think when you saw this? In a pathworking, especially a pathworking designed for healing the images may look very similar. Our subconscious speaks to us in images however they are rarely clear cut because our perception can be a big part of why the image was selected.

For example:

I believe that the Owl represents wisdom and knowledge of the hidden. So if I am seeing this in the beginning of a pathworking, I am going to see the message as the subconscious showing me that my issue requires knowledge that I have hidden or that has been hidden from me.

But what if the owl represents something else to you?


Look at the picture above, now without hesitation close your eyes and ask yourself what does it mean for you? (The first thought you get is generally the answer.)

Now take a moment and ask your subconscious a simple question, be somewhat sincere in that you don’t want to ask a question that you already know the answer to. You’re not trying to prove that your subconscious will be accurate, you are trying to establish a relationship that starts with trust. So, ask your question then relax and allow the images to appear…then try to solve the mystery. You will be amazed at the communication that you receive.

How does this work?

Our subconscious and super-conscious are always aware of our experiences, recording every one for future reference, unfortunately the conscious mind cannot retain all of that information all of the time. So think of the subconscious as the file room with every experience in this particular life recorded in various files while the conscious carries around the files that are appropriate to the current period in life and is always sending files to the subconscious for safe keeping. The super-conscious is the file system that includes files of Universal wisdom, files from prior lifetimes and the time between lives. So, when doing a pathworking, you are in a sense visiting the file room for the file that will answer your question and the answer can come from either the subconscious file room or the super-conscious file room also known as the Akashic records.

Imagery is the language that the sub and super-conscious use to communicate to the conscious. Why? Well, good question. One theory is that since these files are kept through lifetimes and from your early birth, language can present a barrier since you thought in images as a baby and in prior lifetimes you may not have spoken in the language you now speak. So imagery may be used as a ‘universal’ language of sorts.

Meditative Sunset
Meditative Sunset | Source

Helpful Tips


Before actually beginning a pathworking, it is a good idea to have some experience with meditation. It isn’t necessarily required but it helps. Meditation can prepare your body and mind for the relaxation necessary to access deep seated information. Especially If you are struggling with relaxing or your body is not used to sitting still and you haven’t been able to settle the onslaught of information your conscious has just been WAITING to flood your mind with.

In the beginning –

In the beginning, it may be more helpful to have someone guide you through a pathworking so that you can focus on what presents itself rather than focusing on bringing forth the imagery yourself. Once you become accustomed to the process, it will become easier and easier to do.

Don’t get frustrated! Sometimes it will seem as though the information you receive is inadequate, false or simply doesn’t make sense. There are many reasons for this but the main reasons are a) you are not ready for what is being shown to you so your conscious is blocking it in some fashion or b) you need a bit of time to allow the information to settle before you can really get what is being shown. Oftentimes people will come away from a pathworking saying to themselves, ‘well that was a waste of time’ only to get an epiphany hours or days later.

Healing with Pathworking

We have all the answers we need for self-healing. Really. How many times have you been talking to your friends or family asking advice about a particular situation and their answers aren’t hitting the mark. Why? Because you already know the answer and you are just trying to find a loop hole.

Your subconscious knows what makes you tick, it knows what created the thought process you use in your daily life. That is why utilizing a pathworking to access the subconscious can open up the file that explains why you stay stuck in a particular reaction to a life circumstance.

The same is true of the super-conscious. The Universal Wisdom files can help you see the big picture. They help you rise above the trees so you can see the forest. Maybe you are drawing people into your life that treat you as though you are unimportant and you are surprised to learn that YOU believe you are unimportant...thus bringing to you people and circumstances which perpetuate this belief.

While the use of a pathworking is an excellent tool and you do have all the answers within your Soul, it doesn’t mean that psychotherapy isn’t necessary. If you have suffered painful injuries due to sexual abuse or other very traumatic experiences, it is always best to see a professional for help as these maladies are very powerful and a pathworking is not sufficient for healing in and of itself. Use wisdom and honor yourself.


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