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What is a Supermind

Updated on May 8, 2011

It is said that human mind has infinite potential but we are currently in a position to use only infinitesimal part of it. This becomes evident from spectacular mental achievements of some of the exceptional human beings. It is said that Einstein could use his mental capacity to a far greater extent than average human beings and yet he could use much less than his potential. In other words, those who achieve spectacular performance in science and the other endeavors use relatively greater potential of their mind than the others. The field of mental research is still in its infancy and we do not know a great deal about the capacities of the human mind.


The experts that have worked in the field of mind research claim that human mental capacities can be enhanced, as for instance, dreamers and clairvoyants have probably enhanced their mental capacities. According to them dreams could be programmed so that one might be able to heal mind and body. For instance, they would be in a position to reverse the feelings of depression.

An evolved mind becomes a supermind, so to speak. They would be mentally capable of addressing issues like wealth and love because they would have inspired answers to their problems almost at their will

The concept of supermind is actually a spiritual and philosophical concept. According to this concept the human soul is the most evolved among all species that has followed an evolutionary path. Only mankind has the power to imagine that has over the millions of years led to developments in art, literature, science and various other fields. In brief, man alone in nature is able to create a reality for mankind known as civilization. This is a way for God to reveal Himself to mankind.

The evolutionary process will one day reveal the possibilities of human mind in its state of supermind, but evolutionary process is slow. There are organizations, religious sects, spiritual gurus that claim that the state of supermind can be achieved through various spiritual techniques. There are scientific researchers that claim human mind can be programmed to achieve superior performance through techniques like dream programming. In other words, you might be able to cure your mind and body through therapeutic dream leading to a stress free, and abundant life.



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