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What is a Ultrasound Technician?

Updated on February 26, 2016

You may have it in your mind that all an Ultrasound Technician does is take a look at the fetus inside of a pregnant woman. While that is a big part of what they do, it is only a small part of the overall spectrum of the work. There are many types of health concerns that can cause a doctor or the hospital to request for images of the internal organs to be looked at.

There are many different types of equipment that have to be used for an Ultrasound Technician to successfully do their work. Being savvy in how they operate and in computer technology is very useful. There may be times when the equipment won’t work right so being able to troubleshoot and correct the problems is also very important.

 Ongoing training is part of being an Ultrasound Technician. Many employers will offer this as the types of equipment that they offer in the facility changes. They will also have policy and procedure changes based on weak areas that they find they can make more efficient and stable for employees and patients to benefit from.

If you have great skills in the areas of reading and writing you will be able to apply them to your role as an Ultrasound Technician. You are going to need to be able to read doctor’s orders and to help those patients that are coming from the hospital. You need to be able to read the records of the patients and also be able to update them so that they reflect the current information.

Being an excellent communicator is also something that can aid in this type of work. You will be working with medical staff and with patients on a regular basis. You need to be able to explain to them what is going on, to listen to their needs, and to successfully prioritize when there are changes in the schedule based on what has to be accomplished.

 Being organized is also going to help you with this type of work. That way you will be able to identify what you should do next. There can be plenty of incoming work but you have to also have time to get the files completed and those images sent out. Medical staff will be waiting on those results to be able to proceed with medical care for their patients so you can’t have a backlog sitting around.

An interest in the human body is going to make being an Ultrasound Technician something that you enjoy. You will get to learn a great deal about the way that the vital organs in the body function. You will also be able to feel great knowing that your daily work efforts are helping people to live healthier lives. It is an exciting career and one that you will get plenty of challenges from.

If you are interested in becoming in Ultrasound Technician you will want to consider your educational opportunities. You can enroll in a certification course that lasts about 18 months. You can complete your Associated Degree which is for a period of about 2 years. The higher education option is to complete your Bachelors Degree which is a 4 year program.

When you go to apply for jobs as an Ultrasound Technician they are going to be looking for an individual that has a great education and that also has plenty of background experience. You will have a better chance of being hired if you have a higher level of education. You will also make better money at that entry level and that is important too.


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