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What is a good Cold Cure?

Updated on May 24, 2017
Mix in a glass of cold water and drink you will  feel better within days
Mix in a glass of cold water and drink you will feel better within days

What is a good cold cure?

Colds can be limitless depending on the time of year. In the winter time, everyone has a cold at least once or more depending on if you wear the proper clothing to go outside in the winter elements. At the first sign of sniffles, what do you do? just deal with it? that is what most people would do, or try and find the things to get rid of it? There are a limitless number of things that can get rid of colds you just need to find them. But when you have a cold it can feel like it is lasting a limitless amount of time. Colds can come any time of the year, Winter Summer, Spring or Fall with all the plants and grass that we have. The spring and summer cold can be the same thing or feel like it at least. A summer cold is not always as bad as a winter one would be because the warmer weather helps with clearing your head and nasal passages. Whatever type of cold it is, they can leave you feeling tired, drained and unable to breathe and who likes that? Nobody? Everyone likes to feel good l and not feel like garbage, but that doesn’t always happen. Everyone gets sick or gets a cold at least once or a couple times a year.

How do they go about dealing with it? It would depend on the person and how bad the cold is. Sometimes you can have a cold that is so bad you can't even get out of bed or talk. I am sure some people have had colds like that, I know that I have a had a cold so bad, that I couldn't talk or move much. Those are the worst. When your head feels as though it is going to explode, you can’t breathe or talk, then what do you do? Most people would probably say well take some time off from work, or school but what if you can’t do that? What if you are someone who has their own business, works from home or has a stickler of a boss who doesn’t like when you take time off? The simple solution to it would be not to get sick. Although not getting sick is sometimes hard for people depending on where you work or if you have kids because if you have kids and they get sick, either you have to take time off to care for them or they give you what they have.

Colds are the most common sickness that gets passed around from one person to the next. If you cough and don’t wash your hands or even sneeze and don’t wash your hands those germs can cause colds, not only for you but the people around you. Yes, it is good to wash your hands after you a cough or sneeze and sometimes it is good to use hand sanitizer if you can’t get to a bathroom but don’t use hand sanitizer all the time. I know there are germ a phoebes out there, who always use hand sanitizer like it's water, but what do you notice about those people? The people who use hand sanitizer all the time, for the littlest speck of dirt or even to just touch a door handle are the ones who are sick constantly no matter what time of year it is. The reason why they are sick all the time is because they are not building up their immune system.

The best cure for colds is popping vitamin C tablets or the Emergen- C 1000 milligram packets in water, and lots of rest. If you have been going nonstop for awhile, that is when you are going to get sick. The reason is because you are not giving yourself, time to relax and recharge you just keep going and the more you go the more run down you are going to be. You need to take care of yourself if you want to keep going but if you forget to do that because you are limitlessly busy then you are going to get colds. But as I mentioned before there are ways to get rid of them.

In order to fight infection or even just a cold, you need to build up your immune system. For example, instead of going to the doctor for a cold, why not try and use home remedies to take care of the cold rather than getting antibiotics. If you use home remedies rather than getting antibiotics you are using your own antibodies in your system to fight off the infection rather than letting medication from a doctor do it for you.

If you have a cold drink hot liquids tea is best
If you have a cold drink hot liquids tea is best

How make Home remedies to be used for colds

An example of a home remedy that can be used for colds is

- Boil 4cups water

- 1tbsp honey

- 1 tbsp clove

- 1 tsp cinnamon

- 1 tsp apple cider vinegar

Drink when you first feel ill three times a day.

Another example of a home remedy for colds is


2 garlic (whole clove)

1 whole sweet potato

1 whole tenth of chicken broth


And blend

Drink twice a day for five days.

Here are two home remedies for colds, don’t forget the vitamin C you can buy them at any drug store 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C in a box it is called Emergen-C take that twice a day when you first feel a cold coming on and you will feel better almost instantly. I have tried it.

I was given the home remedies for colds when I could barely breathe, or talk, they are great to keep you off of actual medication so why not give it a try. Also don't forget the easiest thing you can do to cure a cold, sleep and relaxation. The more you continue to keep going without stopping the sicker you will get and the first thing that will happen is you will get a cold and feel sore, run down and stuffed up. That is when you need to relax and sleep more along with taking the things listed in the hub.

Colds are one of the hardest things to get rid of because they can come on so quick with the change of weather and last for weeks, and sometimes you don't even notice it and then it creeps up on you. Yes, colds can be limitless, so always remember to take care of yourself, with vitamins and drinking enough fluids like water. Rest and Vitamin C are the best things that you can do for yourself if you have a cold. Hot tea will work wonders too if you have a sore throat, along with rest and water.

Colds come about because you don't stop and relax if you continue to move limitlessly and do a limitless number of things without letting yourself, rest then a cold will pop up out of nowhere and force you to take a break. Which is sometimes a good thing, but sometimes you can't afford to have a cold. So there are limitless things you can do to get rid of your cold so why not give it a try.

A good cold cure is the realization that you have a cold and you taking a break, along with 1000 milligrams of vitamin C where you can find in any drug store or grocery store, they are called Emergen- C I know I have said that before but they are the best things to help get rid of your cold quick along with lots of rest because our bodies need to rest and repair they are not meant to always go. Just like machines aren't meant to always go everything breaks down if you don't tale care of it limitlessly that is why when a cold strikes take care of it right away you will be glad you did.

Cold Cure

Colds can come at any time of year, spring, summer, fall or winter. But there is only one type of cure to cure colds no matter what time of year the cold hits. If you want to avoid getting a cold remember to wash your hands, frequently cover your mouth when you cough and blow your nose when it starts to drip. If you do these things while you have a cold you won't give anyone else the cold that you have so your household or the people around you won't be limitlessly sick too. Or at least they won't feel limitlessly sick, which is never a good thing because if you feel limitlessly sick you don't want to do anything so remember to take care of yourself when you have a cold and you will get better fast.

What do you think the best cold cure is? Let's Discuss

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