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What is arrowroot? What are the health benefits? Why it is used for gluten-free baking?

Updated on September 27, 2012

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arrowroot powder
arrowroot powder

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What is arrowroot?

Arrowroot powder or arrowroot starch is a flour prepared from arrowroot plant. Arrowroot powder is an excellent thickening agent. It can be substituted for cornstarch.

Arrowroot the easily digestible food

Arrowroot powder is easily digestible than regular wheat flour and other flour. Arrowroot is used in cookies, biscuits, and crackers. Because arrowroot is easily digestible it is an ingredient of baby foods and foods for sick and elderly people. Arrowroot is a great remedy for bowel problems.

Arrowroot used in gluten-free baking

Arrowroot is used as a thickener here. It is mixed in cold water before added to the hot mixture to avoid forming lumps. Arrowroot does not contain gluten. People with gluten intolerance can use arrowroot powder for baking and other purposes. Arrowroot powder is a great substitute for wheat powder in gluten-free baking and cooking.

Why arrowroot is a better thickener?

It has strong thickening power and is fully flavorless. It will not pass on any starchy taste to puddings. Arrowroot is therefore the best thickener to use in puddings and dishes. Arrowroot powder works well in low temperatures, unlike cornstarch. Arrowroot powder would tolerate acidic ingredients also. Sauces using cornstarch as thickener would become a spongy mess if it is refrigerated. But sauces made with arrowroot powder can be frozen.

Arrowroot powder uses

Arrowroot powder is increasingly been used in sauces, creams, stews, soups, gravies, fruit fillings, puddings, dishes and pie fillings. A very little amount of arrowroot powder only needs to be used compared to corn starch and other flour. Moreover arrowroot powder does not have color, unlike corn flour that gives a milky color when mixed with water. Arrowroot powder also does not alter the taste of the dish. Arrowroot powder makes a tasty soup when boiled with meat or vegetables. Arrowroot is even used in baby powders and make-up materials.

Arrowroot, the low calorie food

Arrowroot is fat free, and is a low calorie food. Arrowroot starch can therefore be used in sauces and soups so that we need not worry about increased fat content or calories.

Arrowroot Health benefits and therapeutic uses

Arrowroot powder would cure diarrhea and other stomach upsets

Arrowroot powder can be used as a herbal remedy to treat insect bites and gangrene. Make a paste of arrowroot powder and water and apply. Arrowroot powder can prevent skin infection and itching. Arrowroot is best for neutral diet; people with nausea can have arrowroot powder soup. Infants while changing from liquid diet to solid diet can be given arrowroot-milk porridge because of the filling factor in their tender stomach.

Arrowroot powder is a fantastic alternative in your recipes. Try it and enjoy the benefits.

I would like to share with you a simple arrowroot porridge recipe that is so simple and delicious


Arrowroot powder – 4 tablespoon

Nendran banana – 1 banana (or Red Grapes 1 Cup)

Milk – 1 Cup

Coconut milk – 1 Cup

Sugar – 4 table spoon

Cashew nuts – 5

Ghee – 2 teaspoons


Cook banana (make banana into round pieces) or grapes (if you use grapes) in coconut milk. Make a smooth paste of milk (normal milk) and arrowroot powder. Add this paste to the cooked banana (or grapes). Cook for 2 minutes. Fry cashew nuts in ghee and add to the mixture. Add sugar and mix well. Arrowroot Porridge is ready.


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    • profile image

      Naveen Kumar 2 years ago

      After searching lots of places, I got to order natural arrowroot powder from .

      It was really fresh & natural. My kids developed a healthy digestive stomach after repeated use of arrowroot powder. :)

    • profile image

      Crystal 3 years ago

      Could you post an arrow root recipe for babies

    • DowntroddenInDC profile image

      DowntroddenInDC 3 years ago from Houston, TX

      Saw arrowroot at the store today, and neither my wife or I knew what it was for. Very useful. Thank you!

    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 5 years ago

      thank you GusTheRedneck for your comment..arrowroot has several health benefits..i will put a hub about on arrowroot preparation

    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 5 years ago from USA

      Hello dhannyya - I had often wondered why my brother-in-law (a very fine chef) used arrowroot flour to make his pie crusts. Now I know. Thank you.

      Gus :-)))

    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 5 years ago

      thanks livingpah2004 for the comments

    • livingpah2004 profile image

      Milli 5 years ago from USA

      Good to know arrowroot`s uses and benefit. Thanks for posting it. Voted up!

    • itsvssudheesh profile image

      itsvssudheesh 5 years ago from kochi,kerala, india

      But eth enik puthiya arivanu ketto. Nannayittundu. Eniyum enganathe articles dhanyayil ninnum pradheekshikkunnu..

    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 5 years ago

      thank you sudheesh..nammude nadan items would be too gud..ammayude items anu ethellam

    • itsvssudheesh profile image

      itsvssudheesh 5 years ago from kochi,kerala, india

      Wow.. arrowroot porridge recipe. I liked it very much i will give a try.

      It was very informative hub, dhannya. congrats