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What is camphor? What are its uses?

Updated on May 5, 2012
Camphor | Source

Camphor is a compound prepared by distilling the wood and bark of the tree of camphor. Camphor has varieties of therapeutic uses.

Make a baby vaporub with Camphor and Coconut oil

Boil little coconut oil and put a small piece of camphor in it. Camphor will get dissolved in the hot oil. Allow the mixture to cool. Rub this on the chest and back of infant. This is a good remedy for infant cold. When camphor gets dissolved in the oil, it gives the smell of a vaporub. This is also very mild. You can generously apply this on infant chest and back. This is a very effective decongestant for children.

Camphor as a remedy for skin infection in animals

Buffalos and cows get skin infection. Camphor is useful in treating such infections. Powder camphor and put it in a small amount of coconut oil. This mixture can be applied to the infected part. This would make the infection get cured.

Camphor for muscle pain and joint pain

Boil camphor with coconut oil and sub this on joints and muscles. This is a kind of home made ointment that would reduce muscle pain and joint pain

Camphor for insect bites in humans and animals

Camphor when boiled with coconut oil can heal skin problems related to insect bites. Apply this oil on the spot of insect bit. The itching and pain would be relieved.

Camphor with coconut oil (in the case of animals do not boil camphor in coconut oil, rather powder camphor and put it in small amount of coconut oil)

Camphor repels insects

Camphor can effectively repel insects. Therefore it is highly useful for animals. As animals get skin infections, bees and other insects sit upon the wounds, making the wound worse and spreading the disease. Applying camphor with coconut oil would save animals from insects. You might have seen cows warding off bees with their tail as insects its upon their wounds. Cows and other cattle frequently get sores due to fungal infections. Camphor coconut oil mix is a great remedy for this problem.

Camphor as a room freshener

Burn a little amount of camphor if there is a bad odour in your room. Fumes from Camphor can expel the bad smell from your room. Camphor is therefore an effective room freshener.


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    • profile image

      Shae01 3 years ago

      Sorry to be a buzzkill but camphor is a highly toxic substance that is harmful In doses as small as .5g. It is not recommended for use particularly with children as it can be lethal, it's also hepatotoxic so even if you are asymptomatic it's still damaging your liver. Please check poison information.

    • wikidoll profile image

      wikidoll 5 years ago

      thanks urmila for your comments.

    • urmilashukla23 profile image

      Urmila 5 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA

      I like the smell of camphor. Useful tips. Thanks for posting it. Voted up!

    • purnimamoh1982 profile image

      purnimamoh1982 5 years ago

      interesting hub on camphor. I know many people who also use camphor smell to prevent vomiting while traveling on hill roads. voted up and followed. Shall appreciate your efforts to have a look at my hubs and comment on those. Thanks a lot again for highlighting so many uses for a readily available home remedy like camphor.