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What is lucid dreaming? -Exploring Dreams And Binaural Beats

Updated on October 15, 2013

Lucid dreaming is when you are psychologically aware that you are dreaming. A dream isn’t lucid unless you control it. There are some who naturally are able to do this while others need to practice. People who know how to lucid dream can remember their dreams. They are also able to control their own dreams which is amazing for some of us who feel out of control when we dream. A lot of individuals who are able to lucid dream experience heightened “senses” within their dreams and will recall them more vividly.

Lucid dreaming tips

Looking for some valuable lucid dreaming tips to help you recall dreams or remember them more vividly?

  • Improve your ability to remember dreams by saying to yourself that you will have a lucid dream every night before bed.

  • Have a dream journal that you can use to memorize certain images from your dreams.

  • Use your alarm clock as often as possible. Set it two hours before you usually wake up and this way you can easily recall the dream.

  • Whenever you wake up, try to lay as still as possible.

  • Vitamin B6 and melatonin can help you with memorizing your dreams or remember them in the morning.

  • When you wake, never open your eyes or move. Keep them shut for awhile while awakening. During this time is when a dream will disappear, especially if it is flooded by your thoughts.

  • Think backwards when it comes to your dream. The reason why we say this is because it’s easier to remember the last scenario of the dream and the rest follows it.

  • Sleep in different positions. You will be able to lucid dream usually when you are lying in the same place without tossing so much.

The Lucid Dream Poll

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Binaural beats lucid dreaming

Did you know that listening to music with binaural beats can stimulate the brain and also make you lucid dream? This was first discovered by a man who went by the name of Heinrich Wilhelm Dove back in 1839. Binaural beats are used to help relax the mind and are also used for meditation purposes. If you are listening to a frequency of 300 Hz in one ear, and the other is at 310, the frequency would be 10 Hz. In order for binaural beats to be noticed, tones should be under 1,000 hertz. Also, there won’t be any effect if frequency differences aren’t equal to 30 Hz or less than it.

There are plenty of binaural beats tracks that you can purchase. There are also some on Youtube. One thing that you must know is that headphones will be needed in order to for this to really work. Once you start listening to binaural beats, your mind goes into another world.

Lucid dreaming techniques

Really, what is lucid dreaming? This is the possibility of being able to control every aspect of your dream. Using certain lucid dreaming techniques, you can certainly pull this off. However, you will have to practice for a few months.

  • Whenever you are lucid dreaming, use reality checks. When you jump - do you fall back down or float? Can you breathe with your mouth and also nose closed? Ask yourself questions like this.

  • Do the Wake-Back-To-Bed technique if you want to go back to your lucid dream. It’s very reliable but will disrupt your sleeping pattern.

  • Try to hold onto your consciousness while drifting to sleep. This way you’ll enter straight into a dream while actually being awake.

  • Visualize certain images before falling asleep to fall into a dream that you actually want to experience. Lucid dreamers often can avoid nightmares.

What is lucid Dreaming? - A lucid dreaming guide for beginners

If you are a beginner at this, try reading a book called “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” by Stephen LaBerge. I was able to transform myself into a lucid dreamer. I did this because I was afraid to fall asleep every night due to nightmares that I wasn’t able to control. When my friend told me what is lucid dreaming, I really became interested. The book taught me everything like remembering dreams, avoiding nightmares, and also painting a mental picture of my dream. Now my dream journal is filled with many pages of interesting dream stories.


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